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    Pingperfect LTD
    Suite 1, The Riverside Building,
    Livingstone Road,
    Hull, England
    HU13 0DZ

    Company No. 08590199
    VAT NO: 204 3269 40

  • Phone: 0843 462 0003
  • Email: [email protected]
DDOS Protected Gameserver Hosting | Gameserver Rental

Premium GAMESERVER HOSTING and 24/7 support

Welcome to PINGPERFECT game servers the home of gaming

Pingperfect is your one stop provider of game servers, web hosting and LAN Events.

Everyone involved in Pingperfect's game server hosting are gamers, as such we understand what other gamers want and need, ensuring the perfect ping and performance on your game servers.

As gamers, we can often be found 'in game' and may, on occasion drop by your game server rental just to check you are completely happy with the service we are providing and to dish out some good, old fashioned customer service

We have invested in the latest hardware and have a custom, private network with a dedicated 10gb feed to the cabinets in our datacentres with direct peering, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you will have the most stable connections giving you the edge with hit reg and positioning in game.

Our customer base here at Pingperfect game servers is extremely important to us and we encourage constructive feedback. If you feel it is possible to improve on perfection, we are more than interested in what you have to say and welcome your comments.



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    Pingperfect global game servers


    I Opened my server a little over a week ago and I do have to say there service team is top notch!!! I did have some troubles getting things set up with a Gm on my wurm server mostly due to me being new to this as well as questions on saving the backups. I sent a few tickets in and they had me informed and straightened out with no further problems. Also they were fast and courteous too! I will definitely recommend their services to others. Thanks Ping Perfect!!!

    John S

    Just can't say enough about the server services here, really new to the whole server running thing, but the support here is amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone to use a Ping Perfect server.

    Thomas R

    First of all, the support team. Hands down. And I mean HANDS DOWN. The BEST support team I have EVER talked to about anything. I mean holy sh*t. Responses within minutes EVERY TIME. The server had an issue on purchase, and guess what? about 30 messages later because the support member required a higher up to work on it, (30 messages was about 2 hours.) THEY FIXED IT IN 2 HOURS. I've had support teams not respond to a simple question for a week, and these amazing people fixed the server in mere hours. Secondly, the server ran great. I ended up cancelling it due to lack of usage, but for the times I was on, after me forgetting to restart it for a full week or 2, it still ran amazing. I was getting ~10 ping, friends from Canada, on a server in Dallas, got about 30 ping. Amazing servers and even better support.

    Allison E

    I can't express how happy I am with Pingperfect's support team. They stay in constant communication with me anytime I have an issue or made a mistake. Polite, quick and always going the extra mile for me. Thank you so much your work and dedication. It's so appreciated.

    Meredith S

    Wanted to say I really appreciate the service. All of the team I have communicated with have been professional and prompt. I had a situation that required extra help and everything went smooth. The server being hosted has operated very well and already provided hours of enjoyment. Thank you to the team for providing top notch service!


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