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The Fun Pimps

7 Days to Die

Atomictorch Studio


Sastrei Studios

Beasts of Bermuda

Strange Loop Games




Keen Software House

Space Engineers

Afterthought LLC

The Isle

Wube Software


Deep Field Games

Unfortunate Spacemen

Anego Studios

Vintage Story


Colony Surivival

Opendix Studios

The Cenozoic Era

High Brazil Studios


Kindred Games

Swords 'n Magic and Stuff


Military Conflict: Vietnam

Alderon Games

Path Of Titans


Our Partnership program is open to a wide audience, if you have a large following, whether that be on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, FB, Discord or any other platform please feel free to reach out to us!

We partner with creators, streamers, developers, as well as up coming projects starting out on interesting projects. If you fit into one of these catagories we’d love to hear from you! Pingperfect Hosting are always on the lookout for new partners in the gaming community/industry.

why partner with pingperfect?

High Quality Support

You will receive a high level of quality support from our highly trained and knowledgeable team for any technical and non-technical issues.

Free or Discounted Servers

We can provide you with free or significantly discounted servers dependant on the size of your audience.

Custom Promotional Codes

You will be eligible to receive customised promotional codes with the code name you desire to fit your brand in order to distribute to your community.

Tailored Affiliate Program

Using our tailored affiliate program will give you a custom link used for advertising our services and any purchases made using your link will result in paid commission.

All we ask in exchange is that you promote to your audience. You can simply pop one of our banners (below) on your website and include our link, Add our logo to one of your videos or streams, or any other imaginative way you can think of.

We are flexible on the particulars of partnerships, so if you have specific requirements in mind then just get in touch. We want to make sure our partnership works for both of us.

partners with us today


1. Contact us

Open a support ticket using the button and information provided below.

2. Application Review

Once you have provided all of the necessary information, our sponsorship team will then review your partnership application.

3. Unconditional Offer

If the sponsorship team are satisfied with your application we will propose an unconditional offer detailing what is expected from both us and yourself which is open to negotiation to ensure the partnership is just right for you.

4. Finalised Offer

Once the finer details have been agreed upon we will finalise the offer and you will become an official Pingperfect partner!

In order to begin your application for a partnership with Pingperfect please contact us by opening a support ticket which you can do by clicking the button below.

  • Please provide us with the following information within your ticket:
  • – Links to your various used platforms.
  • – If you stream or upload videos please provide us with your stream/upload schedule.
  • – A description of what you can offer Pingperfect.
  • – A description of what you would like from Pingperfect in return.