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    Pingperfect LTD
    Suite 1, The Riverside Building,
    Livingstone Road,
    Hull, England
    HU13 0DZ

    Company No. 08590199
    VAT NO: 204 3269 40

  • Phone: 0843 462 0003
  • Email: [email protected]
Pingperfect | Platinum Support

Premium GAMESERVERS and support

Pingperfect Normal Support

Our normal support level outstrips most other Game Server Providers (GSP's) by far, all our support techs are knowledgeable about the game you have rented and want to help you have the best server you can have. When you contact us we will provide instructions on how to do what you want or if you have broken something advise how to fix it or take steps to resolve it while asking question to help determine what the problem is if required.
This level of support will not however make changes on your behalf without first providing instructions on how to do it yourself.

Pingperfect Platinum Support

Our Platinum support level is for users who want a managed service, if you don't want to touch a config file, learn how to install mods, mess around with command lines this is the option for you. With this level of support our support team will make any config file change for you, install mods for you, change commandlines for you and so on. So long as the game supports what you want.

Platinum support also entitles you to one on one support via our discord (, should the support agent find it necessary.

Platinum Support costs £15 per month per service due to the extra time staff will need to spend on your service, you can purchase this level of support at service creation or by contacting support.

Please note that whilst Platinum support means we will install mods for you, we cannot guarentee they will work with the version of the game that is out currently, our game panel or with each other. Mods are on a best endeavor basis and will be installed between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (UK time)