Conan Exiles | How to Add Mods

Semi-Automatic way

1. Find a mod that you want to use on the steam workshop for example
2. In the game panel click on Download Mod and enter in the mod id (in this example it would be 880177231)
3. click execute and wait until its finished
4. go to configuration files then enter the mod pak file into modlist.txt (example below, you do need the * and .pak)


5. restart your server and the mods should now be added.
PS. If you are not sure what the mod pak files are called go to file manager and navigate to ConanSandbox\Mods

Old Manual Method

1. Go to file manager within the game panel
2. Enter folder "ConanSandbox"
3. Create a folder named "Mods"
4. Upload your mod files (.pak files) and the "modlist.txt" file.
5.  Finally, restart your server to make the server use the mods.

Example modlist.txt file


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