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You can run these commands either from the in-game CONSOLE if you are a Gamemasters, Moderators and Server Admins or via Telnet (if you're unsure how to use Telnet please see this guide: Empyrion | How to Connect via Telnet using Putty)

All of the following commands are available via Telnet . Where <steam-id> is listed in the following command syntax, enter either a player's Steam ID # or their player name. If the player name contains spaces, encapsulate the player's name in single quotes; e.g.: 'Player Name'

Available Commands
Command Syntax Description
help help Shows all of the available commands. Additionally, by prefixing a command with help, all of the options for that command will displa;. e.g.: "help faction"
ban ban <steam-id> <duration> Ban a player for an amount of time.

The duration can be given in hours, days or months, e.g. '2h'

 Example: "ban 1234567890 14d" - will ban the player for two weeks

faction faction <function> There are several faction functions for managing player factions:
  • faction delete <faction>
  •      faction allow <faction> <playerid>
  •      faction deny <faction> <playerid>
  •      faction remove <faction> <playerid>
  •      faction entity <faction> <entityid>
  •      faction list
  •      faction list <faction>
  •      faction stats

     Note: Put faction name and playerid in single quotes if it contains spaces

gents gents List all structures on all playfields, the faction that owns it, whether or not it is a spawn point, and the structure's name. (only dedi/server)
initadmin initadmin Sets oneself as the initial administrator. This command can only be executed if there is no player

 with admin permissions.

kick    kick <player> [message] Kick player (or all players) out of game, optionally with a message.
  • kick <steam-id or player name> [message] or
  •    kick all [message]
list list perm

list ban

Lists players with special permissions or banned players.
  • list perm[issions]  - list players that have special permissions
  •    list ban[ned]       - list players that are currently banned
plys plys Shows all players in the game
saveandexit saveandexit <timeout in minutes: max=15> Saves the game and shuts down the server after a given timeout.
  • saveandexit <timeout in minutes, maximum value is 15>
  •    saveandexit cancel    - cancels a scheduled exit
  •    saveandexit           - shows a scheduled exit

 Example: saveandexit 10

 NOTE: Issuing this command automatically cancels a scheduled 'stoppf' command!

 When using a timeout some warning messages will be broadcasted before actual exiting.

say say 'text with spaces' Sends a chat message to all players.
servers servers or svs Either command lists all connected playfield severs
setrole setrole <steam-id> <role> Sets the role for a player, giving them special permissions.

 Elevated players can, for example, execute privileged console commands.

As <role> you can set:

  •    pl[ayer]         - default, no special permissions
  •    gm | gamemaster - player gets gamemaster permissions
  •    mod[erator]   - player gets moderator permissions
  •    admin           - player gets admin permissions 

 Example: setrole 1234567890 gm

 NOTE: The Steam-ID must be in steamID64 format

stoppf stoppf <playfield> <function> Stops a specific playfield or all playfield servers - optionally after a given timeout.
  •  Issuing this command automatically cancels a scheduled 'saveandexit'!
  •  When using a timeout, some warning messages will be broadcasted before actual stopping.
  •  Remaining connected players will be disconnected, they can immediately reconnect.


  •    stoppf <playfield name>|all [<timeout in minutes: max=15>]    Note: Put playfield name in single quotes if it contains spaces
    •    stops the server that provides the playfield (or all servers)
    •    when a timeout is given the stop will be delayed accordingly
  •    stoppf <playfield name> kill
    •    immediately kills the server process that provides the given playfield
    •    Use only if a normal stop didn't work (may result in not saving latest data)
  •    stoppf cancel
    •    cancels a scheduled server stop
  •    stoppf
    •    shows a scheduled stop - if any

 Examples: stoppf Ningues

time time [time value] Get / set the global server time [can only be executed on servers]
  • Specify a time value to set the server time to
  • Exclusion of a parameter will show the current server time
unban unban <steam-id> Using a player-name as parameter requires the player to be in the game, using the steam-id is always possible.

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