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DayZ Server FPS / Tick rate explained

Server FPS / Tick rate is the measure of the rate at which the server will process game logic per second. Game logic refers to updating player/zombie/item locations, the fluidity that AI (zombies) move, the fluidity of vehicles, the accuracy of bullets/projectiles and more.

You always want to have as high a server FPS as possible, as it makes gameplay smoother and therefore more enjoyable. Although, you must be aware that increasing server FPS will not improve your client-side FPS.

It's also important to note that due to the way DayZ is made, server FPS will always be massively higher when there are no players on the server (server is idle) as the Central Loot Economy is in an idle state, meaning it uses very little resources (is not producing lots of game logic to process)

How to increase server FPS / Tick rate

The methods to increase server FPS / Tick rate are in a hierarchical order, meaning that the most effective option for increasing server FPS / Tick rate is at the top, while the least effective way is at the bottom.

Option 1 - Upgrading to an Extreme server
The most effective way to increase server FPS / tick rate is to upgrade your server from a normal specification server to an extreme specification server. This improves server FPS / Tick rate, as the increased core clock speed of the extreme processor allows the server to process the game logic more quickly.

Option 2 - Removing mods
Removing mods is a very effective way of increasing server FPS / tick rate, as some mods add a lot of additional game logic which the CPU needs to process. Also, mod code is not optimized to the same standard as the base game code, which means it is harder for the CPU to process.

Option 3 - Upgrading CPU Core Count
Upgrading the CPU Core Count is also an effective way to increase server FPS / tick rate as it allows the parts of the game logic to be distributed between more CPU cores, this spreading of the load allows more game logic to be processed as there are more cores working through the game logic at the same time.

Option 4 - Upgrading CPU Priority
Upgrading the CPU Priority will also help to increase server FPS / tick rate, as CPU priority controls how quickly your service gets access to CPU resources, upgrading the priority prioritizes your game servers processes over other game servers processes. For example, if there are 3 services all asking for CPU at the same time "High" priority will always go first followed by "Above Normal" then "Normal" would be last.

Option 5 - Reducing multipliers / other configuration settings.
There are some configuration settings you can change to reduce the Animals and Zombies on your server, which increases Server FPS / tick rate as there is less game logic to process in total.

These settings are found in the globals.xml file which is located at mpmissions\<MissionServerIsCurrentlyUsing>\db\globals.xml
For example, mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db\globals.xml

The settings you want to lower are:

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