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Some mods require keys in order to allow users to connect. These essentially compare the client and server mods to ensure they match, connections will then be allowed/blocked depending on that check. This ensures that no one is able to join that has tampered with their game.

1. After you've installed a mod, you will need to go into the folder for it and look for a folder named 'Keys'. It may be something a little different depending on the mod. 

2. To the right of the file name there will be a download button, press this to download the file to your PC. You will then need to go to the root of your server into the Keys folder. 

Press the 'Upload' button at the top of the page, choose file and then locate where the file was downloaded to on your PC and select it. You can then press upload.

Once the upload is finished that should be everything. If you run into any problems please don't hesitate to contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help.

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