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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Wurm Unlimited Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Configuration Editor' option next to 'Settings.sql'
  3. Refer to the Configuration settings below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.
  4. If you use choose to use Text-Editor instead, you MUST keep the --comments on a single line or your server WILL BREAK.


Servername    Wurm Server    --Server name, exactly as it will be displayed in the server browser

Server Password    1uf4o    --Server password, when set, must be entered by any player who wants to join the server

PVP    --if ticked, PVP is enabled

Message of the day    Welcome to another Pingperfect.com game server    --Message of the Day exactly as it will be displayed on the server

Maximum Creatures    10,000    --Maximum amount of creatures present on the server at any one time

Epic Settings    -- Faster Skillgain, missions affect valrei

Homeserver      -- tick to enable, A home server can only have settlements from one kingdom

Login Server    --The login server is the central cluster node responsible for bank accounts and cross communication. Do not switch this off unless you are using this server in a cluster

NPC's    -- Whether to load NPC's or not

End Game Items    -- If artifacts and huge alters should be loaded.         

PvP Spy Prevention    -- Prevents multiple ip's from different kingdoms from logging in at the same time. 

Newbie Friendly    -- Prevents harder creatures from spawning

Kingdom    -- No Kingdom, Jenn-Kellon, Mol Rehan, Horde of the Summoned, Freedom Isles OR Random Spawn Points 

Spawn point - Jenn Kellon x value    200    --Self-explanatory, set’s Jenn Kellon spawn point X value

Spawn point - Jenn Kellon y value    200    --Self-explanatory, set’s Jenn Kellon spawn point Y value

Spawn point - Mol Rehan x value     0    --Self-explanatory, set’s Mol Rehan spawn point X value

Spawn point - Mol Rehan y value    0    --Self-explanatory, set’s Mol Rehan spawn point Y value

Spawn point - lib x value    0    -- Self-explanatory, set’s lib spawn point X value

Spawn point - lib y value    0    -- Self-explanatory, set’s lib spawn point Y value

Skill gain rate     10.0    --Self-explanatory, increase to gain more skills, decrease to gain less

Characteristics start value    20.0    --Self-explanatory

Mind logic skill start value    25.0    --Self-explanatory

Body Control skill start value    25.0    --Self-explanatory

Fight skill start value    10.0    --Self-explanatory

Overall skill start value    1.0    --Self-explanatory

Player combat rating modifier    3.0    --Self-explanatory

Action speed multiplier    10.0   --Self-explanatory, increase to make actions faster, decrease to make actions slower

Hota Delay    2160.0    --The time in minutes between Hunt of the Ancients round

Aggressive creatures %    10.0    --Self-explanatory

Settlement upkeep    --Tick to enable Settlement Upkeep

No Deeding costs    --Tick to enable no Deeding costs

Trader max money in iron    500,000   --Self-explanatory

Trader initial money in iron    10,000    --Self-explanatory

Minimum mining hits required    51    --Self-explanatory

Breeding time modifier    5.0    --The higher the value, the faster the breeding

Fieldgrowth    1,620,000    --The number of miliseconds between field growth checks 4.5 hours would be 16,200,000

Money pool in iron    100,000    --This is the amount of money that will be in the money pool after server restart

Intra Server Password    intrapasswordhere    --Set Intra Server Password here

Tree Spread Odds     20    --Odds of new trees or mushrooms appearing When set to 0 tree growth is prevented

MapName    Ocrea    --You must set this value to the gametype you are using currently, Ocrea is the map name for Creative, Heavenord is the map name for Adventure

Moving your world from somewhere else?    --Tick to open up the World ID option below, ONLY if you are moving your server from somewhere else

Your world ID    --Enter your world ID here if you are moving your world from another dedicated server / locally hosted server


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