Empyrion | Add Yourself as an Admin 1. Go to the game panel and click on telnet details2. Download Putty... Empyrion | Connecting to Your Service Using Empyrion Admin Helper Step 1: Install EAH from the mod manager in your game panel. Step 2: Download the EAH full... Empyrion | Delete a Players Data This guide will explain how to remove the data of an individual player.  1. Stop the server.2.... Empyrion | How to Change Sea Level Empyrion | How to Change Sky-Color Empyrion | How to Connect via Telnet using Putty After installing Putty, launch it and fill in the followingYour IP and telnet port, select the... Empyrion | How to Switch to Beta Branch To get the server to work with a new version, the world generated using the previous version must... Empyrion | How to change scenario It's very easy to change the scenario on your Empyrion server. The process is: Stop your... Empyrion | How to install Reforged Eden We've made it incredibly easy to install Reforged Eden to your server. You just need to do the... Empyrion | How to use a custom scenario To install a custom scenario for Empyrion just follow the steps below: Open your Empyrion... Empyrion | Server Commands You can run these commands either from the in-game CONSOLE if you are a Gamemasters, Moderators... Empyrion | Server Configuration It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Empyrion Server. Just follow the steps below. Open the... Empyrion | Use Your Own Savegame Save 1. Connect to your server via FTP (
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