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In order to add mods to your Barotrauma server just follow the guide below

IMPORTANT: WorkshopMods = The place steam downloads mods to. Do NOT touch or place anything here.

  1. On your PC, navigate to the steam workshop and subscribe to the mod(s) you want to use

  2. Open FileZilla on your PC and connect to your service (

  3. Navigate to steamapps\workshop\content\602960

    Rename all the mod folders from their mod ID to their mod name (Mod ID is found in Steam Workshop URL - Name is found inside filelist.xml inside mod folder).

  4. Upload all of those folders via FTP to the LocalMods folder on your server

  5. In your game panel navigate to configuration files → Config_player.xml and open it

  6. Find the following lines

<!--Backwards compatibility-->
name="Vanilla 0.9" />
path="Content/ContentPackages/Vanilla.xml" />

Add your mod(s) in the middle, for example

<!--Backwards compatibility-->
name="Vanilla 0.9" />
path="Content/ContentPackages/Vanilla.xml" />
path="LocalMods/Backpacks/filelist.xml" enabled="true"/>

7. Save the config
8. Restart the server

You should now have mods on your server.

One thing to note is that if the mod was made prior to update you will need to edit it's filelist.xml and change the path for the files inside, for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<contentpackage name="Backpacks" path="Mods/Backpacks/filelist.xml" corepackage="false" gameversion="" steamworkshopid="2613901395" installtime="1650294877">
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Backpack/Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Diving suits/Diving Suits.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Heavy Backpack/Heavy Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Power-Backpack/Power-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Medical Backpack/Medical Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Duffel Bag/Duffel Bag.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Xeno-Backpack/Xeno-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Heavy Crate/Heavy Crate.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Ammopack/Ammopack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Medipack/Medipack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Oxy-Gen. Backpack/Oxy-Gen. Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Techno-Backpack/Techno-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Backpack Belt-Fed Minigun/Backpack Belt-Fed Minigun.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Safety Harness/Safety Harness.xml" />
<Item file="Mods/Backpacks/Vanilla Crates/Vanilla Crates.xml" />


Would become

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<contentpackage name="Backpacks" path="LocalMods/Backpacks/filelist.xml" corepackage="false" gameversion="" steamworkshopid="2613901395" installtime="1650294877">
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Backpack/Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Diving suits/Diving Suits.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Heavy Backpack/Heavy Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Power-Backpack/Power-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Medical Backpack/Medical Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Duffel Bag/Duffel Bag.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Xeno-Backpack/Xeno-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Heavy Crate/Heavy Crate.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Ammopack/Ammopack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Medipack/Medipack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Oxy-Gen. Backpack/Oxy-Gen. Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Techno-Backpack/Techno-Backpack.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Backpack Belt-Fed Minigun/Backpack Belt-Fed Minigun.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Safety Harness/Safety Harness.xml" />
<Item file="LocalMods/Backpacks/Vanilla Crates/Vanilla Crates.xml" />


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