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In order to add mods to your Barotrauma server just follow the guide below

1. On your PC navigate to the steam workshop and subscribe to the mod(s) you want to use
2. Open FileZilla on your pc and connect to your service (
3. Upload the contents of your mods folder to the server & also upload the mods XML file from Data\ContentPackages
4. In your game panel navigate to configuration files > Config_player.xml and open it
5. Find the following line

    path="Data/ContentPackages/Vanilla 0.9.xml" />

6. Add your mod(s) below this line, for example

    path="Data/ContentPackages/Vanilla 0.9.xml" />
    path="Data/ContentPackages/Subnautica Ghost Leviathan.xml" />

7. Save the config
8. Restart the server

You should now have mods on your server.

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