Accessing your files

Accessing your game files:

There are two ways to access your game files:

  • Via file manager on the control panel
  • Via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File manager:

Log in to your control panel as per your welcome emails instructions, from here you will see a button called file manager, this display all your servers files, you can even download, upload and make online edits to files from here.


Firstly you will need an FTP program, we reccomend Filezilla.

When you have filezilla client installed the details you will need to enter are explained below

Host: IP of your server, this is shown in your game panel and will be (for example somthing like do not include the port number which looks somthing like this :27015
Username: Your game panel username
Password: Your game panel password
Port: 8821

After you have put all the details in hit connect.

You will then be able to drag and drop files to upload / download them.
Firstly you will need an FTP program, we reccomend Filezilla.

Please note you will need to raise a support ticket to upload the following files:

.exe .so .bat .sh .cmd .vbs .pif .scr

If after following this guide you still have issues accessing your files, please raise a support ticket.
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