Rcon Commands

Below is a list of a few useful Miscreated rcon commands.

To enter rcon commands click the rcon web gui button in your game panel, search for your server, click on it then enter your rcon password (set in the configuration files)

sv_say X - Send a message to all connected players (Appears at the top of the screen as an announcement)

sv_chat X - Send a chat message to all connected players (Appears in chat window)

do_shutdown X - Do a restart with announcements in x seconds (default: 60 seconds, min: 45 seconds, max: 600 seconds)

status - Display the status of all players and connections

wm_startPattern X - Force start a weather pattern (all connected players will be notified - see weather pattern list below)

mis_ban_steamid 64BITSTEAMID - Ban Player

mis_ban_status - Display the ban list

mis_ban_remove 64BITSTEAMID - Remove from ban list

mis_kick X 64BITSTEAMID - Kick from server

mis_whitelist_add 64BITSTEAMID - Add to whitelist

mis_whitelist_remove 64BITSTEAMID - Remove from whitelist

mis_whitelist_status X - Display the current whitelist

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