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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Miscreated Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'hosting.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

sv_servername="miscreated Server" - The server name that's displayed in the server browser window - this overrides the server name specified in the command line

http_password="v8ufo" - The password used to connect via rcon

g_pinglimit="0" - Max ping a player can have before being kicked (0=disabled), default: 1000

g_pingLimitTimer="15" - Time in seconds after which a player will be kicked if they are over the specified ping limit, default: 15

g_gameRules_Camera="0" - Server enforced camera rules, 0=both, 1=first person only, 2=third person only in vehicle

wm_disable="0" - Completely disable the weather management system

wm_timeScale="1" - Scale time of day speed, default: 1

wm_timeScaleWeather="" - Scale of weather speed, default: 1

wm_timeScaleNight="4" - Scale of night speed (relative to day), default: 4

wm_timeOffset="0" - Time offset to system time, negative = random offset, use 24-x for real negative offsets (as positive numbers), default: 0

wm_forceTime="-1" - Force the server time to a specific 24-hour time, default: -1 (disabled), can be from 0.0 through 24.0

sv_noBannedAccounts="0" - Don't allow any banned steam accounts to join (or those with a private profile), default: 0

sv_maxuptime="12" - Maximum server uptime until restart in hours, default: 24 (whitelisted), 12 otherwise - cannot exceed 24 hours

sv_motd="Welcome to another Pingperfect.com gameserver" - Server motd to display when players join the server

sv_url="https://pingperfect.com" - Server url to display when players join the server - just a second motd line really

sv_msg_conn="0" - Announce connections in chat (whitelisted feature only), default: 0

sv_msg_death="0" - Announce deaths in chat (whitelisted feature only), default: 0

g_gameRules_bases="1" - Server enforced base placement rules, default: 1 (0=no bases, 1=restricted zones, 2=bases everywhere(whitelisted feature only))

g_playerHealthRegen="0.111" - Health regeneration speed, default: 0.111

g_playerFoodDecay="0.2777" - Food decay speed, default: 0.2777

g_playerFoodDecaySprinting="0.34722" - Food decay speed when sprinting, default: 0.34722

g_playerWaterDecay="0.4861" - Water decay speed, default: 0.4861

g_playerWaterDecaySprinting="0.607638" - Water decay speed when sprinting, default: 0.607638

g_playerInfiniteStamina="0" - Enable infinite stamina, default: 0

g_craftingSpeedMultiplier="1" - Scalar to accelerate crafting times, default: 1

asm_disable="0" - Disable the AI spawner manager system, default: 0

asm_percent="33" - Set the AI spawner location percentage, default: 33 (max is 90) - this helps control the AI spawn density

asm_maxMultiplier="1" - Set the multiplier for the AI spawner max amount, default: 1 (max 5)

asm_hordeCooldown="900" - Set the min cooldown on spawning hordes, default (in seconds): 900

pcs_maxCorpses="10" - Set the maximum number of player corpses, default: 20

pcs_maxCorpseTime="1200" - Set the maximum time before a player corpse will despawn, default (in seconds): 1200 

steam_inventory_enable="0" - Configure the Steam inventory (kiosk system), default: 1 (0=disabled and disallows all kiosk features on the server)


ism_percent="20" - range 0 to 90, the percent of item spawners that can possibly spawn loot - default is 20
ism_maxCount="750" - range 0 to 5000, the maximum number of item spawners that can have a spawned item concurrently - default is 750
as_corpseCountMax="20" - the maximum number of AI corpses that can exist at once - default is 20
as_corpseRemovalTime="300" - the time in seconds until an AI corpse is forcibly removed - default is 300
g_playerWeightLimit="40" - the maximum amount of weight a player can carry - default is 40 (kg)
g_maxHealthMultiplier="1" - scales the default health for a player - default is 1, don't go beyond 5 - experimental



For more advanced configuration options, see our "Advanced Server Configuration" guide here: https://pingperfect.com/index.php/knowledgebase/470/Miscreated--Advanced-Server-Configuration.html


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