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Mission Rulers

Mission rulers can be used to setup the missions. I am not sure how it will be updated in WU for the faith missions as those are not currently able to be created etc. with mission rulers in WO, they are autogenerated not custom. You might need high god (tier 3+) to use it and access the missions, it will have to be confirmed. A guide on how to use a mission ruler will come, but it's not a very user friendly system and not everything works in it. In WU you may be able to directly access functions to setup missions server side that are not available in the client as well, but I am not versed in that. An example of what we use the mission ruler for now is to setup the treasure hunts.

Quick Start Guide/Cheat Sheet to being an (ARCH)GM 

First of all - you need a wand for most everything.
If you're a Demigod you'll need to give the toon an Ivory Wand.
If you're a ARCH (arch angel) you'll need an Ebony Wand.

In short, Demigods are for data collection for the most part, with some problem solving ability, while arch angels are the "fixers" with spawning abilities.

Here's a list of binds you *absolutely* should have available if you're running a GM toon;

bind [KEY] "flight" - For flying.
bind [KEY] #invis - For turning visible/invisible
bind [KEY] #chat <optional integer color here (I personally use 5231609)> - to chat with colored text. NOTE - only displays for yourself in a PM.
bind [KEY] "weather" - Weather GM cheat, can set time of day, rain, fog, wind direction and strength. NOTE - only local, affects only you.
bind [KEY] GMTOOL - brings up the all powerful GM Tool (all praise Tich, our overlord and saviour (please don't let me go back to the web interface again.... :((( )) - NOTE; Recommended to bind to middle mouse button or something of the like, if you click the button while hovering over an item, you pull up that items/players/tiles data.
bind [KEY] MUTETOOL - Small interface that has a few handy things, quickest shortcut to summon players.
bind [KEY] #changemodel gmdark - Spooky GM model. Fun to pop out and scare the poop out of someone!
bind [KEY] #changemodel gmnormal - Turn back to the regular player model.

Warnings that apply to Demigods and Arch Angels

Notable features for Demigods (and up)
- You can Manage permissions / Rename items/bridges etc with no limit.
-- Note; Basically the only thing you cannot change are deed settings.

- Instant mining (you can mine with your wand active)
-- WARNING - you only need ONE mining action to completely remove a vein and turn it into a rock tile!

- "Repairing" mine tiles - instant collapsing.
-- Activate wand -> right click mine tile -> "Repair". Can do on entrances from the outside.
-- WARNING - all items on the tile will get DELETED.

- Instant tracking with more detailed data.

- Can change kingdoms of players remotely
-- Activate wand and right click on your wand again -> Creatures -> Change Kingdoms
-- Make sure you pick the right name first... there's no information what kingdom you change someone from. Only online players.
-- Note - does not trigger /converts. Ignores /converts timer completely.
-- Note - if you use it on yourself, you will go visible if you're invisible.

- #changemodel (as commented in above list) will turn you visible upon use.

- Able to "protect" tiles, making them completely unmodifiable (even to other GM).
-- Activate wand, right click ground tile, choose protect. Does not appear in mines.

- Able to instantly place a wooden mine door.
-- Activate wand -> right click mine tile border -> build door. It will be 9000 strength.
-- Note. This option differs from ebony wands, and does not exist on them.

- Able to bash mine doors.
-- Activate wand -> right click mine door -> Destroy. Will reduce the strength by 2000 per action. (no timer)
-- Note. This option differs from ebony wands, and does not exist on them.

- Able to destroy fences instantly
-- Activate wand -> right click fence -> destroy.

- Able to destroy house walls
-- Activate wand -> right click on wall -> "Wall" -> Destroy.
-- Note; you'll have to do this twice, since each action (no timer) does 50 damage)

- Able to completely destroy (pop) a house instantly.
-- Activate wand -> right click on wall -> "Wall" -> Annihalate -> Destroy structure.
-- WARNING - there are NO confirmation window for this.

Notable features for Arch Angels.

- Use your Ebony wand. It does practically everything that a Ivory Wand does... but keep an ivory wand around anyway, because there is a few differences.

- You can instantly dig with your ebony wand. Completely ignores slopes.

- You can instantly dredge with your ebony wand. Ignores slopes. Does not limit to 2 dirt a time.

- You can instantly disband a deed.
-- Activate wand -> right click token -> settlement -> disband settlement.
-- Note; Will show your name in the event log as the disbander.

- You can found "permanent" settlements - cannot be drained and never runs out of upkeep.
-- Just found a settlement as normal. Look carefully at the page where you name the deed for "make permanent"

- Spawning items.
-- Activate your wand, right click on a ground tile -> specials -> create.
-- Note; you can use * (any character, and any number of characters before/after this) for helping filter. Typing *lock* will get you Boat Lock, Door Lock... etc.

- Creating focus zones
-- Activate wand -> right click ANY item -> create focus zone. Will be made centered on the tile YOU are standing on.
--- "Name" - Just pops up a name in the event log when you enter.
--- "Name with popup" - Same as above, but now also with a popup message that you can set.
--- "NonPVP" - No PvP actions work in this zone. Can probably attack from outside in.
--- "Hota" - Hunt of the aincients. You want to make this one pretty big.
--- "Flatten" - This is a BIG one. Everything in the x-y distance you enter will be raised/lowered to your level. Use with care. At current writing moment will always result in a one tile displacement to the NW.
--- "House Wood" - Will spawn a pre-built house at 80ql. Ignores not being flat. Can make larger than Carpentry restrictions allow. Do not make too large though, the lag from loading a structure like that is BAD. Comes with roof.
--- "House Stone" - Same as above, but stone.
--- "Prem Spawn Only" - Players without premium cannot spawn in this zone. (I.E., tents does not work)
--- "No Build" - What it says on the tin. Includes modifying slopes.
--- "Tall walls" - Usable on settlements. Will create an automatic encirclement of tall stone walls at 80 QL. X, Y are distance from the edge (0 = starts at the edge of the deed)

- Changing terrain type.
-- Activate wand -> right click tile -> specials -> change terrain.

- "Painting" terrain
-- Basically the bulk worker of Change Terrain.
-- Activate wand -> right click tile -> "Paint Terrain"
-- Determined by what the active Ebony Wands AUXDATA is set to.
--- Activate wand -> right click your wand -> item -> set data. What number you want to set the AUXDATA to is the number you can find in the list of Change Terrain.
--- You can paint a larger area by setting DATA1 and DATA2 (1->9). If they are 3&3, they will paint a 3x3 area. If they're 9&9, they'll paint a 9x9.

-- Set AUXDATA of your wand to 1.

- Build house walls without spawning materials.
-- Put wand in the Crafting Window with a wall plan as the target.
-- Will always be 50 QL
-- Setting AUXDATA determines wall type.
--- 0 for wood.
--- 1 for stone.
--- 2 for timber frame
--- 3 for plain stone
--- Any other number will result in Wooden Walls.
-- If you change AUXDATA in the middle of building, you'll have to put the wand in the crafting window again for it to update the wall type.

CM Commands

#chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values.
#mute <playername> <hours> <reason> - the player cannot communicate except with tell.
#unmute <playername> - pardons a mute.
#mutewarn <playername> (reason) - sends a warning that a player may be muted. The reason is optional.
#showmuters - displays a list of the people who can mute apart from the gms.
#showmuted - displays a list of the people who are muted.
#showcas - displays a list of the ca.
#help - shows the command list
Hero Commands
#chat <int color> - colors your chat so that players understand that it is formal. The color is optional and you'll get orange otherwise, also second parmeter can be r.g.b values.
#invis - toggles invisibility
Demigod Commands
"#showdevtalkers - displays a list of the people who can see the GM Tab."
"#alerts - lets you change periodic messages from the server."
"#announce - announces a blue system wide message."
"#ban <playername> <days> <reason> - bans the player and the ipaddress. You must provide the number of days and a reason."
"#banhere|#baniphere|#pardonhere|pardoniphere <playername> - bancontrol for the current server only"
"#banip <ipaddress> <days> <reason> - bans the ipaddress and kicks anyone from it. You must provide the number of days and a reason."
"#bannedips - displays kingdom IP addresses and time since last logout. TODO why is this called #bannedips?"
"#broadcast - broadcasts a system wide message."
"#calcCreatures - Calculates number of creatires on surface, in caves, are visible, and offline, Use with care - lag prone."
"#changeemail <playername> <newemail> - changes the email of a single player character."
"#changemodel <model> - change character model (gmdark or gmnormal)"
"#changepassword <playername> <newpassword> - changes the password of a player."
"#checkCreatures - error checks the positions of creatures. Will return dislocated guards for instance. May provide a name like 'templar' to check only those. Use with care - lag prone and may cause instant spawns."
"#findboat <name> - lets you find a boat with part of the name in it. May be processor heavy so if you notice lag, use with care!"
"#getip <playername> - displays the players ip address and any other accounts from the same address."
"#getips - displays the current players with ip addresses."
"#getwarnings <playername> - displays info about the player's warnings."
"#gm - send a GM message to login server."
"#gmlight - togles personal light on/off when you are invisible."
"#invis - toggles invisibility"
"#kick <playername> - kicks the player"
"#loadItemFromHell <long id> - loads item with id, (removing from the owner)."
"#locatehorse <string> - return the location of horses whose name contains the supplied argument string."
"#offline - shows offline creatures with location."
"#onfire - toggles player fire."
"#pardon <playername> - pardons the player and the ipaddress"
"#pardonip <ipaddress> - pardons the ipaddress"
"#plimit <new number> - the number when the server no longer accepts free players. It will always let premiums in though."
"#reload <creatureId or playername> - reload a player or creature when bugged."
"#rename <oldname> <newname> <password> - renames the player. The player must be LOGGED OFF."
"#resetwarnings <playername> - resets the players warnings to 0."
"#respawn <playername> - respawns a dead player at the start."
"#setmuter <name> - gives or removes the ability to a normal player to mute other players."
"#setreputation <playername> <new reputation> - sets the reputation of a player."
"#setserver <playername> <serverid> - tells this server that the player is on the server with the number specified."
"#showbans - displays current bans"
"#showheros [power] - displays a list of the people with power (defaults to Hero)."
"#soundspam - spams area around you with random sounds for testing."
"#timemod <hours> - modifies your current time with the number of hours. Can be negative."
"#toggleEpic - toggles epic portals"
"#toggleglobal - toggles global chat."
"#tradecheat - Toggles trade cheats on this server. TODO."
"#warn <playername> - the player receives an official warning."
"#watch <playername> <description> - creates a 'watch' ticket."
"#who [J|H|M] - sends a list of players online from Jenn-kellon, HOTS, or Mol-Rehan respectively"
"#worth <name> - helps debug royal level kills on pvp servers."

High God or Higher Commands

"#addmoney <name months days silvers detail> - adds prem or silver to a players account. Detail needs to be any unique string
"#addtitle <name> [<title id>] - adds the default title Clairvoyant. title id is optional."
"#allowall - opens the server for new connections. (leaves maintenance mode)."
"#creaturepos - toggles creature position logging."
"#devtalk <name> - toggles the ability to a normal player to hear the gm chat."
"#dumpxml - generates a new epic xml on the login server."
"#invuln - toggles invulnerability mode."
"#itempos <id> - checks the position of an item."
"#maxcreatures <newvalue> - sets the number of max creature to a new value."
"#newmission <deityname> - generates a new epic mission for the provided deity."
"#overrideshop <name> <true|false> - if set to true the player may use the shop even though he has had previous payment reversals."
"#redeem - functionality to retrieve items from banned players."
"#registermail - registers player email in list."
"#removetitle <name> [<title id>] - removes the default title Community Assistant. title id is optional."
"#resetplayer <name> - resets the players skills and faith to max 20. Also removes champion/realdeath."
"#sdown - displays a message that the server is shutting down and rejects new connections. Does not shut down (enters maintenance mode)."
"#startx <number> - sets the tile X where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given."
"#starty <number> - sets the tile Y where new players (Jenn-Kellon, or for home servers all players) start to the number given."
"#togglemission <missionname> - enables or disables the mission with the name supplied."
"#togglemounts - enables or disables riding, driving and horse spawning."
"#toggleqa <name> - toggles the QA status on or off for the account."
"#isqa <name> - Checks if account has QA status."
"#addmoney name months days silvers detail - adds to a players account. Detail is the paypal transaction id."
"#testAffinity - test affinity for a random skill. TODO"
"#testcolors - test sending a coloured message. TODO"
"#toggleca <name>"

Setting the AUXDATA on the "Ebony Wand" to 1 eliminates the usage of dirt to level. 

The above was taken from the steam forums so full credit to the original poster 
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =539179002


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