Wurm Unlimited | Set a player as a GM

1. log into your game panel
2. go to game services > select your server
3. click on "Set GM powers" 
4. Set the database you wish to update, type in the power level you wish to give to the player and type in the players name (A list of gm levels is below) Please be aware that wurm only capitalizes the first letter of your name so if you log in as RagonzGM your name you would need to enter is Ragonzgm, entering RagonzGM will not work.
5. click execute

*In order to spawn a wand you have to use command #give 176 in game chat as a GM level 5

GM Level's

0 - Normal Player. Cannot use any wands.
1 - Hero: Has limited abilities and can mostly move around invisible and teleport but not see character details or affect anything. They can be given a wand of teleportation to move around with.
2 - GM: Standard GM-level. This level and above can set players as CA or CM, move players, ban players, lookup player information etc. This level can use the ivory wand to invoke various GM powers.
3 - High God: A higher level than GM. There's no significant difference in power between a High God and a GM.
4 - Arch GM: High level GM that can spawn items and creatures, set skills, shutdown servers, and so on. This level can do nearly everything a level 5 can and has the ability to use the ebony wand as well as the ivory wand.
5 - Implementor: Highest level, very little difference from Arch GM.

If you have issues connecting after adding the GM please try the following:

  • In the config file settings.sql tick the box at the bottom that says "Moving your world from somewhere else?"   
  • Then put in the service ID (look in the URL or fast download URL) as the world ID
  • Save the config
  • Run the update server settings button


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