Empyrion | Add Yourself as an Admin

1. Go to the game panel and click on telnet details
2. Download Putty (https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgt ... atest.html)
3. Connect to your server using your IP/Telnet Port
4. When prompted enter your password (putty will always reject the first password entry so when it does just enter it again)
5. Type in the following

setrole [steam64id] [admin level]
(replacing [steam64id] with your steam64 id and [admin level] with the permission level you want i.e. admin, moderator or gm)
e.g. setrole 11111111111111111 admin

If you need some extra help connecting to Putty please see this guide. https://pingperfect.com/index.php/knowledgebase/295/How-to-connect-to-Putty.html

Alternate Method (This does not work most of the time)

1. In your game panel go to game services > your Empyrion server
2. Click on configuration files
3. Edit adminconfig.yaml
4. replace the below (You can find your steam 64 id here https://steamid.co/ )

- Id: 00000000000000000 # put the correct SteamID64 here
Permission: 3 # make this user a GameMaster, for example
- Id: 11111111111111111
Permission: 6

with (for example)

- Id: yoursteam64id # put the correct SteamID64 here
Permission: 3 # make this user a GameMaster, for example
- Id: someoneelse'ssteam64id
Permission: 6

5. Save the file
6. reboot the server

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