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There are two ways to ban a player in Conan Exiles.

Method 1: Using the Banlist.txt

This method will only work if your server is BattlEye protected.

  • Select "Configuration Files"

  • Click "Text-Editor" next to "banlist.txt"

  • Add the player in the format → AccountID:Account Name

    If you are unsure what their AccountID is, check your server logs, you're looking for something like this:
    [2022.02.01-09.40.05:606][665]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Registering player #12, with BattlEyePlayerGuid 76561198280417218 and name 'Lagertha' (4C61676572746861)

    For example:


  • Save the file in the top left.


Method 2: Using the in-game admin panel

Make sure you're already an admin on your server →

Join your server,

  • Press the "Esc" key on your keyboard, then click "Settings"

  • Click "Server Settings" - it's furthest to the right.

  • Click "Make me admin" , type in your admin password and click "ok"

  • Close the Settings menu by clicking the X

  • Click "Admin Panel" 

  • Click “Player List”.

  • Click “Ban” next to player name.

  • Click “Yes” and the player is immediately banned and kicked.


They will then appear in the “Banned Players” list. You can unban a player if they mend their ways by clicking “Unban” from this list.

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