Adding custom maps

1.) so first of all you need to download the map you want.
2.) extract all files to the right place using FTP, in this case we only have a .bsp mapfile that goes into csgo/maps. (FTP tutorialĀ
3.) update mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt located in csgo folder
4.) update fast download if you have it.
5.) you should now be able to play this map without problems

If you are using steam workshop
1. Create a collection with the maps/content you want (
2. Create a custom commandline in the game panel with the following fields filled out Authkey, +game_mode,+game_type, +map, +mapgroup, +host_workshop_collection, +workshop_start_mapĀ 
3. Authkey should be set to your API key you generated in step 1, gamemode/gametype/map/mapgroup/workshop start map are down to what you want, host workshop collection is the collection ID you created in step 1
4. save the commandline and select it and your server is now running with workshop content.
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