Conan Exiles | Can Not See Server in the Server List

The game/steam is unable to list all the servers that are currently available for the game. Steam is able to list just under 5000 servers and there are double that number currently, so for your server to show up in the list someone else would have to take their server down and you would need to beat the other 5k+ servers to that spot.

Reference: ... 743858088/

Method #1 - Steam Server Browser

One method of finding a server that isn't showing up on the in game list is to see if you can find it on the steam server browser which can be found by doing the following:

Open up Steam.
Click on the "View" menu at the top of Steam.
Then click on "Servers".
Now make sure you're on the "INTERNET" tab on the window that opens up and click on "Change Filters" in the bottom left of the Servers window.
In the "Game" drop down box select Conan Exiles. This way the server list only shows servers for the game we want instead of every server for every game steam supports.

Unfortunately steam doesn't have a name filter for us to search the server list for a specific servers name, however the next method is a good workaround in some cases.

Method #2 - Steam Favourites

Follow Method one up to step "3". We will also need the IP of the server you are trying to connect to.

Once you have the server window open do the following.

Select the "Favourites" tab.
Click on the "Add A Server" button in the bottom right of the favourites window.
Enter the IP of the server you're trying to connect to then select "find games at this address".
If you find any servers at the IP then select the server in the list below and select the "Add game server to favourites" button in the bottom right.

If this doesn't work for you please try the next method.

Method #3 - Setting Launch Parameters

This method is the one I personally had success with, you will also need the IP of the server you're trying to connect to, for this method to work.

Find Conan Exiles in your steam library.
Right click "Conan Exiles" in your library and select "Properties".
Then select "Set Launch Options..."
In the window that pops up you'll want to enter the following: "+connect"
Replace the IP given here with the IP from the server you're trying to connect to.
Launch your game and then wait it can take a few minutes for it to connect you via this method to the server.

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