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    list - print player list
    bans - print ban list
    admins - print list of user privileges
    clearusers - clear user privileges
    tracks - list tracks
    gamemodes - list game modes>
    cars - list cars
    weathers - list weathers
    exit - close application
    ? - list server and event modifiers

Chat commands:
    /cupon - Enable cup mode
    /cupoff - Disable cup mode
    /cupreset - Reset points of all players
    /cupresetfor [id] - Reset points of the given player id.
    /cuppointsadjust [id] [amount] Increase or decrease points of the given player id by amount.
    /spectateon [id] - Set the given player id as a spectator
    /spectateoff [id] - Set the given player id not as a spectator
    /message [new message] - send a message to the chat
    /kick [id] - kick a player
    /ban [id] - ban a player
    /bansteamid [steam id] - ban a steam id
    /unban [ban index] - lift a ban, use "bans" for ban indices
    /unbansteamid [steam id] - lift a ban by steam id
    /clearbans - clear all bans
    /balanceteams - balance teams
    /restart - server restart
    /bot - add a bot
    /op [id] - add moderator privileges
    /opsteamid [steam id] - add moderator privileges by steam id
    /admin [id] - add admin privileges
    /adminsteamid [steam id] - add admin privileges by steam id
    /demote [id] - clear admin and moderator privileges
    /demotesteamid [steam id] - clear admin and moderator privileges by steam id
    /password [new password] - set password
    /servername [new server name] - set name of the server
    /welcome [new welcome message] - set the welcome message
    /eventloop - toggle automatic event rotation if configured

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