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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Space Engineers Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Configuration Editor' option next to 'Instance\SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Configuration settings below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires. - Space Engineers main configuration - V2

Please be aware this config will not update an existing world, you MUST edit that world’s sandbox_config.sbc file directly (Guide on process here:

General Settings

Server Name     <!--Server name exactly as it will be displayed in the server browser-->

Game Mode       <!--Survival OR Creative-->

Steam Group ID     0    <!--If set to non-zero value, the dedicated server will only be visible for the given Steam group Note: By “Steam Group ID” we mean the unique numerical identifier for a Steam account in the 64-bit format. Your Steam ID in this format can be found in the game log after running the game with Steam logged-in to your Steam account (see above) or using external tools like CLICK HERE or>

Password Hash    <!--See password guide here:>

Password salt    mVHq9/VKJWrmiGkYQ6elrg==    <!--See password guide here:>

Pause game when server is empty    <!--If enabled pauses the game when server is empty-->

Enable Remote API    <!--If enabled you can use the Remote API to manage server-->

Remote API Key     <!--Create your own key as you would create a password and enter it here-->

Description    Another game server    <!--Server description exactly as it will be displayed-->

Message of the day settings

Message of the day    Welcome to another game server    <!--Message of the day exactly as it will be displayed on the server-->

Message of the day URL    <!--Will open the Steam browser to the specified Message of the day URL without player input when they join a game -->

Load World / World Generation Settings

Scenario    <!--Choose your starting scenario here-->

Persistent world    Untick this to generate a new world    <!--This option will allow you to use a saved world, If left un-ticked your server will generate a new world each time your reboot -->

World    <!--Name of world you want server to load on start-up-->

Procedural Density    0.2    <!--Density of asteroids in the world, higher number = more asteroids-->

Multiplier Settings

Blocks Inventory Size Multiplier    1    <!--Blocks Inventory size is multiplied by this number -->

Assembler efficiency multiplier    3    <!--efficiency of assembler (higher values make components cheaper in terms of ingots) -->

Assembler speed multiplier    3    <!--Assembler speed is multiplied by this number -->

Grinder speed multiplier    1    <!--Grinding speed is multiplied by this number -->

Hack speed multiplier    1    <!--Hacking speed is multiplied by this number -->

Inventory size multiplier    10    <!--Inventory size is multiplied by this number -->

Refinery speed multiplier    3    <!--Refinery speed is multiplied by this number -->

Welder speed multiplier    1    <!--Welding speed is multiplied by this number -->

Harvest Ratio Multiplier    1    <!--Amount harvested is multiplied by this number-->

Player Settings

Auto Healing    <!--Only available in Survival Mode. If turned on, you will gradually heal up to 70% health without the need for a Medical Room -->

Enable 3rd person view    <!--Enable or disable 3rd person view on the server-->

Copy Paste objects    <!--Only available in Creative Mode. Determines whether or not players are allowed to cut, copy and paste. This allows you to copy entire ships or stations and paste them wherever you feel like. If you cut an object, a conformation message will show up. The deleted object will be in your clipboard -->

Enable Jetpacks    <!--Enable or disable Jetpacks on the server-->

Enable Respawn Screen in the game    <!--Enable or disable Respawn screen on the server-->

Toolshake    <!--Enable to make tools shake when they are used, disable to stop tools shaking when they are used-->

Permanent Death?    <!--If this option is enabled, when players die the original character is wiped - you can respawn in a new ship but you will start an entirely fresh character-->

Reset Ownership    <!--Enabling this option will reset all faction ownership within the game -->

Show Player Names    <!-- When enabled, players who are in your line-of-sight will have their names displayed above their head -->

Spawn Ship Time Multiplier    0.5    <!--the enforced delay between spawning another respawnship. Increasing this number above 1 will multiply the default respawnship time by your chosen number-->

Spawn with Tools    <!--Enable to make players spawn with tools, disable for no tools-->

Trash Removal Settings

Block Count Threshold   20    <!--Number of blocks required before something is considered as trash-->

Optimal Grid Count   0    <!--The number of grids the system should aim for, 0 is disabled-->

Character Removal Threshold    5    <!--After how many minutes can a character be removed-->

Player Distance Threshold    1000    <!--The distance in meters where a player can be considered for removal-->

Player Inactivity Threshold    148    <!--The amount of hours required before a player can be considered for removal-->

Trash Removal Flags    1,562    <!--The numeric value of what flags you want enabled. 1562 = Stationary, Linear, Accelerating, WithBlockCount, DistanceFromPlayer, Default-->

Voxel Trash Removal Enabled     <!--Enable to enable Voxel Trash removal, disable to disable-->

Voxel Trash Cleanup - Player Threshold    5000    <!--System will not clean up voxel trash if a player is within this distance-->

Voxel Trash Cleanup - Grid Threshold    5000    <!--System will not clean up voxel trash if a grid is within this distance-->

Voxel Trash Cleanup - Age Threshold    24    <!--Clean-up trash older than this many hours-->

Remove Old Identities    0    <!--Define time in hours after inactive identities that do not own any grids will be removed. Set to 0 to disable-->

Block Limits

Enable Block Limits    <!-- Enable or disable block limits on the server-->

Maximum blocks per player    100000    <!-- Set the maximum blocks per player here-->

Max Faction Count    2    <!-- Set the maximum number of factions present on the server here-->

Max Grid Size    25000    <!-- Set the maximum size of a single grid on the server here-->

World Performance Cost Units (PCU)    100,000.00    <!--PCU (Performance Cost Unit) Limits are the next iteration of block limits. Its purpose is to keep server performance in a more effective way than just limiting block types. Every block has its own defined PCU value, which says how much performance impact a block has under full load (when all its systems are activated). More PCU, more performance heavy the block is. PCU can be defined per world, as a pool, which can be used for building. This pool is then split per player, per faction, or global. Limits per faction are also a new feature introduced in this build. Please note, that you can change the default PCU limits in the Experimental mode. For example: The world has 100,000 PCU pool, there are only two factions, red and blue, and there cannot be more factions. So each faction has 50,000 dedicated PCUs. A player which does not belong to any faction cannot build anything. Removed or destroyed blocks PCU are returned back to the faction PCU pool. A player who wants to change the faction, needs to check that all his/her blocks PCU are within the faction limit he/she wants to join.-->

Pirate PCU    50000    <!-- Amount of PCUs assigned to Pirate's on the server (these will subtract from other factions so do not set it too high)-->

Block type Limits (Select the [New Block Type Limit] button to open up the options below which allow you to limit more block types. – to do more than 1 press the button again)

What block type to limit    Assembler    <!-- Type the exact name of the block type you want to limit here-->

How many are allowed    21    <!-- Type the amount of the block type you're limiting here-->

NPC Settings

Cargo Ships    <!-- Toggles on/off the randomly-spawning Cargo Ships-->

Enable Drones    <!-- Toggles on/off the randomly-spawning Drones-->

Max Drones    5    <!--Maximum amount of drones present on the server at any one time-->

Enable Encounters    <!--Enable or Disable random encounters on the server-->

Spiders    <!--Enable or disable the ability for Spiders to spawn-->

Wolfs    <!-- Enable or disable the ability for Wolves to spawn -->

Environment Settings

Destructible Blocks    <!--Enable or Disable destructible blocks on the server-->

Enable Flora    <!--Enable or disable Flora (trees, bushes etc.)-->

Flora Density    1    <!--How close together the Flora will be on the server-->

Oxygen Enabled     <!--If enabled this means that now you can take off your character’s helmet, but only inside the medical room. When the character takes off the helmet inside an environment without oxygen, he will receive damage. In addition, you are now able to obtain ice and generate oxygen out of it by using the oxygen generator. This device needs to be connected to an air vent that will emit the oxygen inside the room. -->

Oxygen Pressurization / Air Tightness    <!--Enable or disable oxygen pressurisation / air tightness-->

Enable sub grid damage    <!-- Enable or disable sub grid damage on the server -->   

Enable Sun Rotation    <!--Enable or disable Day/Night simulation (sun rotation) -->

Sun Rotation Interval in Minutes    240    <!--Time it takes for a complete rotation of the Sun-->

Turret friendly fire    <!--Enable or disable Turret’s ability to friendly fire-->

Enable Voxel Destruction    <!--Enable or disable Voxel destruction-->

Environment Hostility    <!--Changing this affects the frequency and severity of Meteor Storms -->

Max floating objects    <!-- The maximum amount of small objects (ores, dropped components, etc.) in the world at one time. If this limit is exceeded, the oldest object will be deleted. Higher values may result in degraded performance. Range: 16-1024 -->

Physics Iterations    8    <!--Increasing this value will make physics smoother on the server but will use more processing power to do so, do not increase this value to high as it may degrade server performance-->

Realistic Sound    <!--Enable or disable realistic sound-->

Enable Station Voxel Support    <!--Enabling means that Ships will become stations automatically when on an asteroid and vice versa, disabling means that Stations/ships are not dynamic and have to be toggled to change -->

World Size    0    <!-- Size of world in km. Set to 0 for infinite world mode -->

Stop Grids     15    <!-- Defines time in minutes after which grids will be stopped if far from player -->

AFK Timeout     30    <!-- Defines time in minutes after which inactive players will be kicked. Set to 0 to disable -->

Enable Supergridding     <!-- Enable or Disable Supergridding exploit to be used -->

Trade Factions Count     15    <!--Total amount of trade factions on the server-->

Stations Inner Radius     10000000     <!--Set Stations Inner Radius -->

Stations Distance Outer Radius End     30000000    <!--Set Stations Distance Outer Radius End -->

Stations Outer Radius Start     10000000    <!--Set Stations Outer Radius Start -->

Other Settings

Enable Research     <!--  Enable or Disable the Research system on the server -->

Auto Save in Minutes    5    <!-- The time in minutes you want the server to auto save itself (does not apply to an already created world)-->

Enable Container Drops     <!--Your comment-->

Enable Convert to Station    <!--  Enable to enable the ability for ships to become stations, disable to remove the ability-->

Enable In-game scripts     <!--  Enable to allow in-game scripts to be run by players, disable to prevent in-game scripts being run by players-->

Enable Respawn Ships    <!--  Enable or Disable the ability to use a respawn ship after player death-->

Respawn Ship Delete    <!--  Enabled means the respawn ship will be deleted after a period of time, disabled means it will persist forever (or until server clean up removes it as trash)-->

Enable scripter role    <!--If enabled, Only players with the scripter role can use programmable blocks, if disabled all players can use programmable blocks -->

Enable Spectators    <!--  Enable or Disable Spectator mode-->

Experimental Mode    <!--  Toggle to enable or Disable Experimental mode (Enabled provides more World settings + use of Scripts + use of Mods + No limits -->

Adaptive Simulation Quality    <!--  Enable or disable Adaptive simulation quality (helps you when your sim speed dips, by reducing the number of calculation stages it uses for things like deformation/explosions, if you turn this off you'll find your sim speed will drop more often and you'll get more performance spikes without it -->

Infinite Ammo (Survival only)     <!-- Toggles infinite ammo, Survival ONLY-->

Max Backups     5    <!-- How many backups the server will keep -->

Minimum container respawn time    5    <!-- Set Minimum container respawn time -->

Maximum container respawn time    20    <!-- Set Maximum container respawn time    -->

Thruster Damage    <!-- When enabled, thrusters do damage to anything within their flame -->

Weapons Enabled    <!--  Determines whether or not weapons will work. If turned off, trying to a fire a weapon will display a warning message -->

Enable Good Bot Hints    <!--  Enable or disable Good bot hints-->

Optimal Spawn Distance     4,000    <!--  The distance that the server will try and spawn players between-->

Enable Auto Respawn    <!--  Enable or Disable Auto-respawn on the server when player death occurs-->

Save Chat to Log    <!--  Enable or Disable game chat being saved to log files-->

Admin Settings (Select the [New Admin] button to open up the options below which allow you to admin a player. – to do more than 1 press the button again)

Admin Id:    0    <!-- Put user you want to ADMIN Steam 64 ID here, (To find steam 64 id go to this site and paste in their steam profile or username and the steam ID 64 will be presented to you -->

Banned User Settings (Select the [New Ban] button to open up the options below which allow you to ban a player. – to do more than 1 press the button again)

Ban Id:    0    <!-- Put user you want to BANs Steam 64 ID here, (To find steam 64 id go to this site and paste in their steam profile or username and the steam ID 64 will be presented to you ) -->

Reserved Slots (Select the [New Reserved Slot] button to open up the options below which allow you to add more reserved slots for specific players. – to do more than 1 press the button again)

Reserved Slot ID:    0    <!-- Put user you want to create a reserved slot for Steam 64 ID here, (To find steam 64 id go to this site and paste in their steam profile or username and the steam ID 64 will be presented to you -->

Maintenance Settings

Auto Restart Enabled    <!--Enable or Disable Auto-restart – we advise disabling this and using our Game panel instead as it is more reliable ( -->

Auto restart every X minutes    360    <!--Auto restart time interval (time between each auto save) -->

Automatically save on restart    <!-- Enable or Disable “Save on maintenance restart”-->

Watcher Interval    600    <!-- How often should the watcher process look at the sim speed of your server -->

Watch Sim Speed Minimum    0.05    <!-- If watcher sees your server's sim speed dip below this value the server will restart -->

Enable Auto update    <!-- Enable to turn on auto-updating, we recommend disabling this option and performing your updates manually so you can always take a backup first in case anything goes wrong -->

How often to check for updates    30    <!-- Update check interval -->

How long to delay update for once found    15    <!-- Update delay interval-->

Enable Voxel Hand    <!-- Enable or disable Voxel Hands - Voxel Hands are a set of brushes that can be used to 'paint' voxels into the world or erase them in the same manner. They are available only in creative mode gameplay. -->

Economy Settings

Enable Economy    <!-- Enable or Disable the game’s economy system -->

Enable Bounty Contracts    <!--Enable or Disable Bounty Contract system on the server-->

Economy Tick in Seconds    1200    <!-- The frequency of which the Economy system updates the Economy System’s state-->


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