Space Engineers | Add a Password

To add a password to your server you will need to do the following. 

1. Open a support ticket with us
2. Tell us the password you want
3. we will then provide the password salt and hash for you to paste into your configuration file
4. In the Game panel, add the password from the Salt box on the site above into the "Password salt" field of the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file.

If you want to do this yourself here are the steps you need to take

1. Download the Space Engineers Dedicated server tool from steam
2. Open it up
3. click "Run as Admin" if you see that button
4. select local / Console then click "Continue to server configuration"
5. In the "password" field type in what you want your password to be then click save at the bottom
6. Now click the edit button next to save, this should open a notepad file
7. Find these 2 lines


In the example above the password used was "1234"

8. Paste these values into your configuration file


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