How To: Set PvP raiding hours

By default, offline raiding protection is not enabled so players could raid other players' bases at any time.
To set up raiding hours on your Cryofall game server follow the instructions below

1. Set yourself as an OP as described here
2. In game type the following /admin.setRaidingWindow 4 14 1.5

Where the first number is how many hours to offset UTC (in this case UTC + 4)
The 2nd number is the hour at which raiding becomes possible, in this case 2pm
The 3rd number is for how long raiding is possible, in this case 90 minutes

To check you have set it correctly you can press "P" in game to open the Politics/Diplomacy menu and verify whether you set the correct numbers.
Please note that Politics/Diplomacy menu will display your local time!
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