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Determining the cause of lag:

If your server is suffering from lag / connection issues and you can't see any clear answer as to why, then you need to submit a ticket to our support team. In the ticket you will need to include an MTR trace. Below is the reasons why we need this and also a guide on how to do this., 

Ping / lag / packet loss issues can occur anywhere between your home computer and the server we provide.
Many of the nodes (hops) your data will pass through are not controlled by us, these include your ISP and higher level data carriers.
Please note, although your connection may not be the issue, we need to rule this out if that be the case.
We do our very best to ensure our machines and network to the internet has superb performance, but naturally once the information passes from us to the wider internet, we have no control over the performance of the other parties involved in carrying your data.

In order to try and determine the point at which your data is being affected, you will need to run a network trace to our server.
Please be aware that without this information, we are unable to diagnose these issues.

Please complete the following instructions:

** Windows Users **
(1) Download WinMTR -
(2) Unzip the file and run the WinMTR.exe file inside it
(3) Set the host as your server's IP address (no port) and hit 'Start'
(4) Continue to play (Assuming you can connect) with this running the in background for at least 20 minutes
(5) When you have finished, stop the trace and export the results to TEXT
(6) Submit a ticket detailing your issue and attach the results from step (5)

Please note that it will only help if you run this during a period where you experience issues. 
If the server is performing fine during the test, then the results will be meaningless as they will just show data for a good connection.

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