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  1. Head over to the Steam Workshop section for Dark and Light.
  2. Use the "Subscribe" button on any mods you'd like for the server.
  3. You'll then need to locate the mods on your local computer, but they are usually found in \Steam Library\steamapps\common\Dark and Light\DNL\Content\Mods\ - This folder will contain individual folders for each mod and a .mod file using the Steam workshop ID as the names. For example...
  4. Using the FTP guide found here, upload the mod folder and .mod file to the same folder reflected on the server (DNL\Content\Mods\).
  5. In the game panel, go to "Configuration Files" and select Text Editor on GameUserSettings.ini, and find the line "ActiveMods="
  6. Add ModIDs separated by commas (,) and hit "Save"
  7. Go back to the main game panel page, restart the server, and you should be good to go.

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