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To resolve this issue just follow the below steps

1. Log into your game panel (Https://
2. Navigate to your Battalion 1944 server then go to configuration files
3. Open up DefaultGame.ini and find MaxPlayersPerTeam= (there should be 2 of these at time of writing)
4. Change it to MaxPlayersPerTeam=10 (where the value is 50% of how many slots you purchased, for example if you purchased 12 slots you would set it to MaxPlayersPerTeam=6)
5. Save the file
6. Back on the main page of the game panel for your service (where you can see the restart/stop/start buttons) go into command line manager
7. Click selected on the default command line
8. Wait 2 minutes for the server to show up on the server list.

Your server should now allow the correct number of players.

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