Wurm Unlimited | Use the mod "Serverpacks"

  1. Upload as per any other mod.
  2. Edit the \mods\httpserver.config file to contain:

#Set a fixed port. If no port is selected a random free port will be used
# Use this to announce a different server name or IP address to the clients
# By default the setting "External Server IP Address" will be used for pack URLs
# This setting may be required when doing port forwarding in the router
publicServerAddress=[INSERT YOUR SERVER IP]
# Use this to announce a different server port to the client
# By default the serverPort or the automaticly choosen port will be used
# This setting may be required when doing port forwarding in the router
# Sets a different address for the HTTP server to bind to. Can be to
# bind to all interfaces. Default is external ip in server settings.


       3. Save the file.


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