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Argo game modes:

There are 3 competitive game modes for Argo, here is how to play them!

To win you must either score 7 points or seize the enemy base.

For the first round the sector is automatically selected, both teams must then proceed to the area, and attempt to neutralize all opponents, or stay within the objective area for 20 seconds.

You may also win by eliminating all members of the opposing team, players only have 1 respawn per round.

Securing the airdrop during this mode will give the following:

  1. Attackers: Extra respawn for current round
  2. Defenders: Reduced time left

This is a long ranged, slow paced 5v5 tactical game mode


To win the link game mode, your team must be the first to link the main node to your base 3 times.

Nodes 1A and 1B when captured become spawn points, and node 2 can be taken down by the enemy to block your connection to the main node.

Capturing the air drop stops the enemy being able to take a node for 30 seconds. There is also no respawn limit on this game mode.

This is a short ranged, fast-paced 5V5 match


Download or protect the intel from the enemy team, best of 3 wins!

As an attacker you must take the intel by being within the objective radius for 25 seconds, the teams switch roles each round, so attackers become defenders.

You only have 1 respawn, you may also win be clearing the rest of the enemy team.

Securing the airdrop:

Attackers - Reveals the location of the intel
Defenders - Reduced time limit

This is a medium paced 5v5 match

Combat Patrol:

Combat patrol is similar to both Arma 2 and Arma 3 insurgency mods, when spawning, you get to choose a town that you and your squad mates will fight in.

The very first concept of Combat patrol was called "MOUT Training" (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and with project argo, it has not strayed far from its origins. The objective is to simply clear out the selected town of AI whilst attempting to keep player casualties to a minimum, be careful too many casualties will result in failing the mission!

To change to combat patrol you will need to change your mission cycle to only include the following line:

//Combat Patrol
class TestMission01CP {    template = "MP_ARGO_CombatPatrol_01.Abel";};


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