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Understanding the game.ini

The great thing about ARK is the freedom to change many of it's game settings, however some of these settings can be very confusing, and some often seem like they are listed twice, when in-fact they are just simular settings that do very different jobs!

To make understanding these settings easier we have listed a full break down of what each setting does!

Per Level Stat Multipliers - Players, Tamed Dinos and Wild Dinos.

There are 12 settings avalible for change under each of these catagories, changing these stats multiplies the amount of that stat gained per level.


  1. Health Per Level
  2. Stamina Per Level
  3. Torpidity Per Level - How hard it is to be knocked out, the higher this is the harder it is for you to fall unconscious
  4. Oxygen Per Level
  5. Food Per Level
  6. Water Per Level
  7. Temprature Per Level
  8. Weight Per Level - This doesn't mean you need to go on a diet, it means you can cary more!!
  9. Mele Damage Per Level - Determines how hard you can slap a T-rex in the face!!
  10. Speed Per Level
  11. Fortitude Per Level - How well you deal with temprature - For Scorched Earth or mountains we reccomend players reach at least 40 fortitude
  12. Crafting Speed Per Level

Maximum Tribe Logs: The amount of tribe activity tribe members / leaders can see (Limmited to 500 to stop lag issues)
Hair Growth Speed: How quickly hair grows back
Global item Decomposition: How quick items on the floor decompose
Corpse Decomposition: How quickly your body decomposes
Dino Turret Damage: How much damage turrets do to dinos
Dino Harvesting: how much wood, berries etc... a dino harvests per hit
Crafting skill: Improves the likely quality of crafted items such as crossbows
Custom Recipe Skill: Improves the likely quality of crafted recipes
Crafting XP: The amount of XP gained for crafting
Generic XP: The amount of XP gained by pretty much doing nothing - can be disabled or reduced
Harvest XP: Amount of XP gained from harvesting - can be disabled or reduced
Kill XP: The amount of XP gained for killing dinos or players
Special XP: The amount of XP gained from Explorer notes
Poop Interval: How often dinos poop
Crop Growth speed: How fast crops grow
Crop Decay: How fast crops die
Fishing loot Quality: The quality of loot gained from fishing - higher = better fishing loot
PVP Zone Structure Damage: Amount of damage done to player buildings within caves or PVP based areas
Spoil time: How fast items spoil
Platform Saddle Multifloor: Allows more than one floor on all platforms
Enable Corpse locator: Sends a beacon to show players where their dead bodies are
Unlimited Respecs: Can respec without limitation or the need to level up
Disable Structure Collision: If disabled building parts can sit in walls, helpfull for smart flush against mountain style bases
Disable loot crates: No supply drops
Disable PVE Friendly Fire: Stops you shooting or hurting tribe mates
PVE Allow Tribe War: In PVE games two tribes can declare war
PVE Tribe war cancel: Tribes can cancel their wars
Number of players per tribe: limmit the amount of players per tribe and stop massive tribes dominating the server
Override Max Experiance points: has a setting for both dino and player, allows you to set a new maximum level for both
Increase PVP Respawn interval: Increases the amount of time it takes for a player to respawn after another player has killed them - can also be reduced
Passive Defenses Damage Riderless Dinos: turrets and X/Y-plants can attack riderless dinos or not

We are currently working on our ARK service and even more settings will be added soon allowing you even more freedom to alter your server exactly the way you want it to be.

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