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The great thing about ARK is the freedom to change many of it's game settings, however some of these settings can be very confusing, and some often seem like they are listed twice, when in-fact they are just similar settings that do very different jobs!

To make understanding these settings easier, we have listed a full break down of what each setting does! These settings are set up in Game.ini

Per Level Stat Multipliers - Players, Tamed Dinos and Wild Dinos.

There are 12 settings available for change under each of these categories, changing these stats multiplies the amount of that stat gained per level.

  1. Health Per Level
  2. Stamina Per Level
  3. Torpidity Per Level - How hard it is to be knocked out, the higher this is the harder it is for you to fall unconscious
  4. Oxygen Per Level
  5. Food Per Level
  6. Water Per Level
  7. Temperature Per Level
  8. Weight Per Level - This doesn't mean you need to go on a diet, it means you can carry more!!
  9. Melee Damage Per Level - Determines how hard you can slap a T-Rex in the face!!
  10. Speed Per Level
  11. Fortitude Per Level - How well you deal with temperature - For Scorched Earth or mountains we recommend players reach at least 40 fortitude
  12. Crafting Speed Per Level

Identify the lines that are shown below in your server's Game.ini , changing the number after the equals sign as needed to reflect the per level stat changes you want.

The number inside the square brackets [] does as follows:











10=Temperature Fortitude




Putting the above line in your Game.ini file would set Health per level of the player to 2



Putting the above line in your Game.ini file would set Weight per level of the tamed dinos to 2



Putting the above line in your Game.ini file would set Food per level of the wild dinos to 2

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