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Figuring out how much RAM you need for your server can be quite difficult. However, this guide will help you make the right decision.

Ark game server's RAM usage is largely dependent on the map your server uses. Below is a table that covers how much RAM each map requires, use that to help you make the decision as to how much RAM to purchase for your server. (Table only covers official maps, for custom maps you'll have to test yourself by loading the map on your server)

Map Name Amount of RAM/Memory required
The Island 3GB
Scorched Earth 3GB
Aberration 3GB
Extinction 3GB
Genesis: Part 1 5GB
Genesis: Part 2 10GB
The Center 3GB
Ragnarok 4GB
Valguero 3GB
Crystal Isles 5GB
Lost Island 6GB
Fjordur 4GB

IMPORTANT: Please remember that as the world/save progresses, more game objects will be created as a result, and the RAM usage will increase due to this.

The other factors that influence RAM usage are the amount of players on your server as well as the amount of mods/plugins your server uses.

It is roughly 100MB (0.1GB) per player.

Mod/Plugin RAM usage is dependent on the amount of mods/plugins being used as well as each specific mod/plugin being used.


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