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In Cup Mode, players will be awarded points for any event that they participate in, making it easier to run your own online cups with multiple events. The points are shown in the lobby together with the number of events the player has participated in, and the players are sorted according to the points. Note that the sorting order does not change the player id which is used for server commands.

Please be aware that points will be reset whenever the server is shut down or restarted, or the player drops out of the server. However, points will be maintained when cup mode is disabled as long as they are not reset manually or the server restarted, so you can host for example practice sessions or qualification rounds between ranked events. The points per finishing position are hardcoded, with the top three receiving 30, 27 and 25 points respectively and the rest 20...1 points.

To enable cup mode, you can either set "cup_mode=1" in the server config, or use the corresponding server command. In total, there are a few new server commands related to Cup Mode:


Enable Cup Mode.


Disable Cup Mode.


Reset points of all players.

/cupresetfor [id]

Reset points of the given player id.

/cuppointsadjust [id] [amount]

Increase or decrease points of the given player id by amount.


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