Maintenance script - DEFUNCT

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Maintenance script - DEFUNCT

Post by Ragonz » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:06 pm

Full Cleanup
--cleanup-objects dead
--disable-factories soft

Remove Unpowered Objects
Starts an object cleanup and removes any objects that don't have;
1. an enabled reactor with fuel in it or
2. a battery that is charged and either set to discharge or semi-auto

Remove free floating items
Used to remove free-floating items such as ore rocks or dropped components.

Remove empty factions
Used to remove empty factions.

Remove dead players from world and factions
Currently removes entries from the Player tables where IsDead is True. Also removes them from faction tables.

Remove any npc ship with inertial dampeners turned off
Removes any ship with inertial dampeners turned off and have a beacon named;
Private Sail
Business Shipment
Commercial Freighter
Mining Carriage / Transport / Hauler
Military Escort / Minelayer / Transporter.

Stop movement of all free-floating objects
Loops through all of the CubeGrid objects and halts all of there movement velocity and rotational velocity.
Ever had dozens of little bits of shrapnel eating up your bandwidth with physics updates? This will fix that right up.

Disable all factories
Turns off all factories

Disable all factories that are idle
Soft mode will disable all refineries that don't have any ore and any assemblers that don't have any orders queued.

Cleanup missing atrib beacon
Starts an object cleanup and removes all objects that are missing the given subtypes. IE. removes everything not marked with a beacon
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