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Sponsorship's that have been denied
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Post by Seducemeh » Fri May 24, 2013 5:29 pm


I am Elliot (Seducemeh) I represent uFrag. (Our website

About uFrag

We currently have 18 members, of which at is stands 12 are active every day, however this number will be ever growing.

uFrag as it stands is mostly focusing on playing Call of Duty 1, rifle only, which is still a popular game, however, within our member list, we also play League of Legends, Call of Duty United Offensive and Call of Duty 2.

As much as winning is always important, at uFrag we are aiming to build a community, and are constantly looking at expanding uFrag into other games, in which players can represent the ufrag name.

Why we would like a Sponsorship

Sponsorship's can with great for both of us. Obviously advertisement on both sides, can both increase the brand name of Ping Perfect and uFrag, which can then hopefully result in increased sales on your behalf, and further recognition, and potentially more members for the variety of games we are currently playing in, and potentially expanding too.

The sponsorship would also be beneficial, as it could mean discounted prices on server, which thus would mean there is more money in the kitty to purchase more servers for different games, or make further improvements to our website or maybe in the future providing people support for attending LAN's if and when we get to that point.

What we would like from the Sponsorship

I suppose that all depends! In previous clans (back in the day! :D) that have been sponsored by server providers, we have received a free game server, and others at discounted rates, in return for what is written below, however, whether it be more or less, conversations and agreements can easily be made!

What we can offer

Obviously various links and references to Ping Perfect via our website, and instant messaging tools such as Xfire, of which most of our members have an average between 100-400 contacts. Continuous advertisement, as well as if potentially any servers were purchased, given, we would absolutely make sure that the servers were being idled in constantly, and doing our utmost to make sure they are regularly full of players, in which they would recognize the Ping Perfect branding.

Contact Details

Name : Elliot Brown
Website : (Username = Seducemeh)
Xfire: evilnightmare
Email: [email protected]

Application Status: Trial was offered but terminated after a few months as traffic was extremely low

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Drennan » Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:39 pm

Good Afternoon,

My name is Ross Drennan and I currently play for a CS GO team called '2s2p'. We are attending i49 in August with a view to causing some upsets and are currently in the process of getting our Jerseys designed which we will be wearing at the event. We are therefore trying to establish partnerships with different sponsors so that we can promote their services whilst we are at the event.

2s2p is an oldschool 1.6 clan formed by George 'Bodkin' Harte and were clanbases No.1 UKCS team from May 2002 until Feb 2004. 2s2p attending many LANS including ESWC, UKT and i-series. Eliminated out of the ESWC UK qualifier semi final stage in 2004 by 4Kings, reached the quarter finals of i10 and the Semi finals of i14.

George 'Bodkin' Harte then returned to CS in the CSGO stage after a break in gaming and has now reformed 2s2p which he aims to once again establish as a well known team who can perform once again against the best teams in the UK. We attended epic10 in February and turned out some good results vs the country's best, losing 16-10 against Kritikals Infused gaming on train, and also Fish123 (made up of weber, zed, pezz, jakem, jamem who have performed consistantly on the european stage) on Mirage. This in our eyes was the start of 2s2p becoming once again 'known' in the UK as the scene weren't aware of who we were before this due to the majority of CSGO players coming from source rather than 1.6.

Since epic10 we have cut our roster down to the 5 who attended epic10 so we could play as a core5 instead of 7-8 which we were playing with beforehand to give us maximum chance on improving our game and gelling as a team.

Currently sitting fourth in and are coming back into our practising stride with i49 looming on August 23rd. ESEA ladder is in our sites to get playing on.

Which brings me to my proposal..

We will advertise your services as much as we can whilst practising and playing. Your company name will also be advertised on our team Jerseys which will be designed and worn for the i49 event.

In return we will require a free service from yourself involving a 10 slot gaming server we can use for our scrims to practise. Your server company name will obviously stay on the name of the server for advertisement aswell as the team name.

Current interested sponsors include '' and a few others which are in the pipeline.

If you require any additional information regarding 2s2p then please contact me..

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards

Ross Drennan
[email protected]

Application Status: Denied - no response to email

rb3k gaming
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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by rb3k gaming » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:46 am

Hello, the Ping Perfect community and administrator.

Who am I:
I am the proud owner of RB3K gaming.


A newly clan seeking in-game dominance and online fun, we are made up of currently 27 members which most if not all are daily and active on everyday ranging from a few 12 year old kids to 35 year old men, we unite as one strong unity, as a family.

RB3K is standing for our 4 supreme Squads.
Recon. Bravo. 3rd Millennium. Killer.
Each squad is disoriented with it's own official ranking users consisting, Recrutiers, Specialists,Generals and Leaders.

Our goal is to build up and make our Clan supreme and dominant and make the surrounding society of gaming a fun and better place. We encourage in-game respect and we are extremely competitive.

Why do we want a sponsorship from Ping Perfect?

Well, I look at it as we both are trying to increase our traffic flow and users, you sponsoring us can help us grow as we can help you, by simply advertising Ping Perfect among our clan website and youtube videos (ruining how we help you but o'well). But As I see it, a win-win situation. RB3K Gaming is a young and new clan in the ranks and is rising quickly, we have a lot to offer in next few months on our standings and why wouldn't Ping Perfect want to tag along on the ride?

I look as this sponsorship more as a chance for REP++ for us and you. Plus a voice server for our clan can really help the clan on communication and discounts can better help the clan in improvements and future advocates.

What your sponsorhip gives us:

Gives us the right to say that yes, Ping Perfect sponsors us and has hope in this small 27 man clan that we are going to be something, you give us the hope and pride to strive. You also suit us with accessories to help us increase members and traffic flow and give us that awe feeling and let us know you care.

What RB3K offers you:

Ping Perfect branding on the servers. PLUS, as our YouTube developers are up to works on some sweet new clan videos and clan trailers trying to get some new members and traffic flow on upcomming COD GHOST we can be SURE to slip in our great sponsor Ping Perfect. We also will have a direct link on our website going straight to Ping Perfect, and as we are increasing, so are our donations. We onl have made $15.00 on donations but hey, that 27 members, with your sponsorship helping us increase we take a oath and state that RB3K WILL pay Ping Perfect for their sponsorship on the number on members we can reel in on a monthly basis. So techniqually, your recieiveing extreme advertising from us, and, if the accessories you can supply us with for discounts work and increase our traffic flow and donation,s WE WILL PAY YOU. Looks to me like you have nothing to lose? If all in all you can cancel the sponsorship if ever feel in set back or upset and take back ALL the requested and given. We are a young increasing clan in hopes for sponsors, you help us, we help you (:

Name: Simon
Email: [email protected]

Application Status: Denied - no response to emails

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by RAK3 SAXMAN » Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:38 pm

Hello, I am SAXMAN, the leader of RAK3, a Xbox Live Clan that has 50+ members with 11 regularly active. We currently have a 11-1 record with Ghost and a 4-0 record with MLG. Our clan would gladly advertise your website on our emblems and wear your shirts at tournaments and events. If you could help us with gamertag costs and with a funtioning website, we will grow, thus helping your business grow! Even though we may be small, we are dedicated and I'm sure that if you consider us, we will not let you down. Please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks Again!

Application Status: Denied - Application does not follow template

Team Gh0st
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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Team Gh0st » Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:46 pm

Hello, my name is Ben Becker (Lokey) I represent on behalf of Team Gh0st. Our website is Http://
Our community goal is to attain a healthy gaming society where gamers can come and play as a member of Team Gh0st.

About Team Gh0st
We currently have 600+ members throughout our Team, of which it stands 125+ members are active every day, this number will be growing at an extreme rate.
Team Gh0st is spread throughout all games, such as StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, multiple games on Steam such as Mount and Blade: Warband.
At Team Gh0st we are aiming to build a strong dedicated community within the life of Gamers, we are always constantly looking at expanding Team Gh0st into many other games.

Why we would like a Sponsorship:

A sponsorship can help us both out being as; Advertisements of "Ping Perfect' on our website bringing more members to this site for future purchases ect. "Ping Perfect" would be a recognized sponsor to Team Gh0st. For us this may be more traffic to our site, new members to join us in our community and maybe even a potential Ad on Ping Perfect.
The benefits of this sponsorship would benefit both Ping Perfect and Team Gh0st mainly as above. Future discounted prices on servers and/or voice servers would be greatly appreciated, future improvements to our site would also be great, though we aren't demanding these just simply stating what can occur we will accept what Ping Perfect can offer us.
What we would like from the Sponsorship
In this case we don't want to sound demanding, like I've stated above we are willing to accept whatever Ping Perfect can offer us; though whether it's financial or discounts or free services would all be a bonus.

What we can offer:
We can offer advertisements of Ping Perfect on our website, Raidcall, twitter, Facebook, YouTube ect. 'thus bringing more traffic to Ping Perfect in return of helping our Team. Our social media is recently new but that being said our members are willing to advertise on places such as Facebook, Youtube ect. Ranging around a minimum of 1,000 people worldwide (Note: these are not members of us, but simply people of our Facebook, and Twitter followers ect.)

Contact Details:
Name : Ben Becker
Website : Http:// (username: Lokey)
Email: [email protected]
Alternate Email: [email protected] (primary)

Application Status: Denied due to no response via email

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Re: Clan Sponsorship

Post by Seargentdt » Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:56 pm


Explain what your clan is about
We set up or community in late July last year, our clan is based on a mod for "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" That Allows Us To Play "San Andreas Online" with multiple player's from all over the World. We have been setting up a "SA-MP Server" for the last seven month's and we are almost ready for release! The thing about "SAMP Server's" is that every single command etc... has to be coded into a "PAWN Script", we have gone through multiple script's but finally we have decided on one what we will stick with. The "La-Height's" development team has been working very hard to make sure that the server is ready for its Beta release. We set up this community to make a friendly SAMP role-play community, the community hopefully wont just play SA-MP we plan to expand onto other games with our Member's aswell!
Why you want sponsorship
Our Community would like sponsorship so that we wouldn't have to worry about paying our monthly bill's, it would be a great boost to the community especially in the big run to the opening of the Server! It would be great if we could officially announce that we are officially being sponsered by Pingperfect !
What you would ideally like for sponsorship
We would love if we could get a over 50 slot SAMP Server and premium web hositng package, and also a teamspeak server package
What you can give in return
We would be able to broadcast to our community both on the server, fourms , website , and facebook page. We would also plan to set up an auto announcer on the server, announcing pingperfect's url and details etc every half an hour to an hour or so!
Your contact details
My Email is [email protected]
The Webstite is :
The Fourms Is:
Facebook Page is: ... 1127301767

Application status: This application has been denied as we do not sponsor samp servers


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