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Post by KimberlyB » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:26 pm

While the service response time is quick and the CS people are very courteous I am still not especially happy. My 40 slot Conan Exiles server began to experience lag spikes in very short order even though we seldom have more than half a dozen people on it at this point at any given time and often less. Our mods are lightweight and do not cause problems on other servers. After trying to help by changing the tickrate twice with little to no effect I was told that I could be moved to an "extreme performance" machine... for more money of course. While the performance overall is better we still experience regular small lag spikes. I can see no reason why this should be the case given the size of our player base, the fact that we are nowhere near causing problems by over building, and we know our mods are ok and not the issue. My concern is that this may be the basic business model... lackluster performance on the "regular" hosting machines which then "encourage" you to pay more for better performance. Which I might not have so much of an issue with if that more expensive performance were actually flawless. It's not.

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Post by Ragonz » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:51 pm

Unfortunatly Conan exiles is based on the UE4 engine which when paired with a survival game doesnt work all the well. Our normal machines and extreme machines cope fine with Ark, Dark and light, Citadelforged with fire and many others but Conan just doesnt work well as mentioned. If you wipe the server you will see that everything is absolutly fine and will be for a long time but after a while of everything building up in game you will get lag, there is nothing we can do about this nor any other provider. We do have cleanup scripts being developed to try and combat the issue but they may take a bit longer.

We also do not approve of or practice the shady tactics you are suggesting. As you can see from our support ticket we mentioned it as an option but did not force you to take it

"Posted on Friday 27th July at 21:57

Hey Kimberly,

I've changed the server tickrate again, if that doesn't help more then the only real options would be

Download the game database and try to clean it up
Move your server to an extreme performance machine (this costs extra)
Start a new save and try to avoid whatever has caused it"
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