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Maps Types

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Map pre-sets "configurations" for random seeding are as follows so far:

Procedural is a map that is generated from the seed number so as long as your seed is different from everyone else's you will have a unique map

**you can still randomly seed the following maps**

Barren is "low on pretty but high on performance map" (its for people with not great pc's so they can still play the game, it removes things like rivers/grass)
**you still have fresh water lakes**

Hapis is inspired by the original legacy map

Craggy was the first non procedural map and was for all intensive purposes a test to see what it would be like. There is nothing of note on it, if you want to use it its “CraggyIsland" - Via PingPerfect

Savas Island is a king of the hill style premade map. It was specifically created for PvP purposes, and the Rust devteam made it fairly symmetrical so they could explore team-based PvP gameplay possibilities in the future. When it was initially created, the map was named "Koth Island".
The Savas Island map is very different from regular Rust gameplay. You can't build in most places, the map is fairly small, and loot spawns have been tweaked to mostly give combat-related items. All the radtowns are specialized in some way, like the Savas Island-exclusive Ammo Shack, a town devoted to special ammo drops, a C4 shack, and other unique buildings.

Players spawn on the lower beaches of the map, and work their way up to the "king-of-the-hill" radtown atop the mountain in the north. This radtown provides the best, highest grade loot and is intended to be the focus of the map.
On most of the map, building is not possible. However, there is a single hill in the middle of the map on which building is permitted. On this hill, there are static spotlights to aid the inhabitants with defence.
Throughout the map, there are several public Camp Fires, a public Large Furnace, and other ordinances to help the players survive.
The loot in the map is clearly tiered, as all the loot boxes are specifically marked to show their quality. Ammo crates have their own model. Airdrops in the map are more frequent than in normal Rust. Hemp spawns are also much higher.

For more info on Savas Island, see the official Rust website:
Devblog 77
Devblog 76
Also take a look at the official Rustafied website article mentioning Savas Island's latest improvements.

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