my new home - first month @ pingperfect

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my new home - first month @ pingperfect

Post by Madcharlie » Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:48 pm

(first, excuse my spelling)

in the past years, since 2005 i think, i have been "admin" of many 3rd-party-hosted gameservers in many different games, set them up, had to learn how to config them and so on. From the low-budget services to full dedicated machines in server-farms i had to run myself, so i think i'm able to compare.
My experiences here are just about 7D2D. This is the first provider (out of 3 tested) that is able to keep this game running. No lags, no bugs.

Past provider: everytime the server was empty the game got back to day 0 (ingame timecounter, a critical game-mechanic), chunk errors, admin.xml resets all day, needed npcs disappeared and much more annoying stuff like that, combined with lags and so on.
3-5 tickets later, after I offered them i will help, they said smth. like:
"We told U, we wait until the developer patches this, its NOT Possible to get around these bugs."
-"But other Servers do not have problems like that" -no reply.
people are complaining in forums all about the same errors and asking for help. Noone from the Staff answered for month, but U are still able to spend your money for that :roll: . - Never again.

In my new Server-Home (here), things are running really fine. nice latency, set up in about 2 minutes and the web interface... :!: :D :!:
I have never seen a webinterface with such a nice filemanager. Who needs a ftp client when u got this? Ok, the download speed is limited, i think its about saving bandwith for running game-servers to avoid lags - so it's another plus actually.
The panel also has some hints to avoid mistakes like: "Ok, you want to do *****, have u done **** before?"
You can even run steam beta's (experimental versions)!

That were the first impressions made me thinking, "Ok, that's worth the price"

Second is the support, had to write two tickets this month. First about a double order to cancel (my mistake) the second was a server-query question.
Both have been answered shortly and precise within the first hour. First was like "ok, done" second "you can work around like this..."
Thats really nice. The most big server-hosting providers try to spare money with shrinking support capacities or the costomer supporters have a lack of qualification.
I am absolutely willing to pay a fair price, if my support contact -if needed- does not try to fool me, has an idea of how to solve my problems and speaks honestly to me. I feel like thats their intention here.

Next think i will do is changing my voiceserver from that bulls****-provider to pingperfect. :)

I cannot explain why so many service-hoster's think that the lowest price is best, as if only kids wanna run their own servers. Thank you PP!


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