Fixing Chivalry/armour/warrior skills

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Fixing Chivalry/armour/warrior skills

Post by Ragonz » Tue May 24, 2016 12:52 am

Step 1: Run this SQL query:

Code: Select all

select c.ID from `character` c where c.ID not in (select s.CharacterID from skills s where s.CharacterID = c.ID and SkillTypeID=XXX)
Where XXX is number of blocked BASIC SKILL
34 - Warrior
39 - Chivalry

And armors:
27 - Chainmail armors
37 - Scale armors
42 - Plate armors

Step 2:

Code: Select all

For Armors:
INSERT INTO `skills` (`CharacterID`, `SkillTypeID`, `SkillAmount`, `LockStatus`) VALUES (YYY, 27, 0, 1);
INSERT INTO `skills` (`CharacterID`, `SkillTypeID`, `SkillAmount`, `LockStatus`) VALUES (YYY, 37, 0, 1);
INSERT INTO `skills` (`CharacterID`, `SkillTypeID`, `SkillAmount`, `LockStatus`) VALUES (YYY, 42, 0, 1);

For Basic Chivalry and Warrior:
INSERT INTO `skills` (`CharacterID`, `SkillTypeID`, `SkillAmount`, `LockStatus`) VALUES (YYY, 34, 300000000, 1);
INSERT INTO `skills` (`CharacterID`, `SkillTypeID`, `SkillAmount`, `LockStatus`) VALUES (YYY, 39, 300000000, 1);
Where YYY - is ID player from STEP 1 SQL
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