Preventing Lag / Keeping a 1.0 simspeed

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Preventing Lag / Keeping a 1.0 simspeed

Post by Ragonz » Thu May 05, 2016 9:05 pm

1. Use Torch/Essentials/Concealment to clean your server regularly
2. Limit the number of non procedural asteroids/floating objects/drones
3. Try the following limitations
Projectors are 1 per grid.
Earthbreaker drills are 1 per grid
Normal drills are 9 per grid
Refineries are 20 per grid
Assemblers are 20 per grid
Nanite factory is 1 per grid
Make sure oxygen pressurization is off
change physics iterations down to the lowest possible setting

The main lag inducing blocks are nanite factory and drills, earthbreaker drill is large enough you should never need more than one.

If you need further help tracking down causes of sim speed hogs install the torch profiler plugin then type !profiler top 5 in game to see what is going on.
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