7 days to Die Server Problem!

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7 days to Die Server Problem!

Post by DarkRisen » Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:03 am

Server is running, output.log file shows no error.
Yet no one can connect to the server in anyway.

"Waiting for server" screen.
Cannot connect...
Have had 13 people with same issue today.
Was working fine, then all of a sudden not.
saveworld, then rebooted and same issue's.

Server Info:
7 Days to Die

Support Ticket has been created.
been awhile and no response.

Anyone else having this issue...?

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Re: 7 days to Die Server Problem!

Post by Ragonz » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:37 am

Support tickets are answered in order of when they were submitted/last updated. Just wait and it will be answered as soon as possible.
Please be aware that "Bumping" your ticket will actuall make you wait longer
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