Question about Space Engineer server managment - NEW CUSTOMER

Thinking of getting a Pingperfect server but have questions, post them here.
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Question about Space Engineer server managment - NEW CUSTOMER

Post by Urud7 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:14 pm

Hi all,

I am Giuliano from Italy, from more time me and my friends ( a large italian community of SE) want to open a hosted server with a persistent world 24/7 of our favorite game aka Space Engineers... but before to made the "big step" I want have some info about your service as "PingPerfect hosting company"

I am interestead to have a permanent world with some mod from steamworkshop, I am not very skilled in "server managment" and I want understand if PingPerfect give to an entry level customer like me some sort of web-based GUI to administrate the server.

Main question are listed bunder:

1) there is some sort of GUI web based for create world and administrate the server?
2) is possibile to add steamworkshop mod?
3) is possibile to save the whole world from the server to my computer (to have a backup of it in a safe remote place)
4) is possibile to use the group system of steam to create a whitelist of user that can access my server?

Thanks for your time and for the future answers... I hope that me and my friend will have soon our world 24/7 hosted bye you.

best regards


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Re: Question about Space Engineer server managment - NEW CUSTOMER

Post by Ragonz » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:14 pm

Hi Giuliano

1. Yes this is our game panel (Industry leading TCAdmin2)
2. Yes we also have guides on this forum about adding them
3. Yes we also provide backups within our game panel you can use.
4. Yes
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