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EGX 2016

EGX 2016 was a great success, we totally ran out of wristbands, sweets and leaflets and spoke to so many new people as well as having some existing customers come up to us and tell us how good a job we are doing which is always nice! Few pictures below of the event

Review - Asus RT-AC68U Router


Whilst the box itself got very slightly squashed by the delivery guy there was no damage to the internals. The packaging for Asus's RT-AC68U revolves around the colours I always associate with Asus, black and red. The front of the box features an image of the device on the right highlighted features along the bottom, whist the rest of the space is given up to warranty details, awards and the devices product name. The back of the box shows the RT-AC68U's wireless speed's. details on the ASUS AiCloud, what the back of the device looks like along with details of what each item is and a handy guide on choosing the right router for your home. The 2 sides and bottom of the box show key features such as 150% wider coverage than Wireless N

Closer Look

Much like its RT-AC66U predecessor, Asus's RT-AC68U Router resides at the higher end of the consumer router category. Incorporating the BCM4709 Wi-Fi chipset from Broadcom the cornerstone of which is a 1GHZ, dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor the RT-AC68U is capable of accelerated 802.11n data rates of up to 600Mbps If nothing else Asus make a good looking router, perhaps not as striking as their RT-AC3100 but the slim design and carbon fiber-esk front make an impact. Connectivity is good as well with 4 gigabit ethernet ports, 1 wan port and 2 USB ports (one at USB 2 and one at USB 3) and I particularly like that you can switch the LED's on and off as I can see the router from our bedroom and having lights shining in my eyes whilst trying to sleep is never a good thing.
The inclusion of the USB ports is a useful additional that is becomming mainstream now as well. Being able to set up a central printer quickly and easily straight onto your router shared out is something that home's and small business will be grateful for.

Setup and Features

Following on from plugging the router in which was a doddle with the decent length power cable that comes with it (I have not measured it but at a guess I would say 1.5m) as soon as the computer picked up a network connection I launched firefox and immediatly the setup page was shown which is a great feature for both beginner and pro alike.
step 2 was to give the router a login name and password. I had a slight problem here and had to reset it as I did not realize there was a maximum password length
step 3 was to name the 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless networks and give them a password or "network key"
step 4 was just a confirmation screen showing you your ssid and network key along with your wan IP and routers lan ip
step 5 was logging into the router with the username and password set up in step 2
step 6 was something I have not come across on a router before where it asked you if you wanted it to upgrade its own firmware which was an unexpected but welcome surprise as it meant no faffing about downloading firmware and finding usb sticks
After the firmware was upgraded the router rebooted automatically then once back up again prompted me for my username and password then showed me the homepage of the router.

Router Screen's:

Network Map - This page showed information on who was connected to the router, your routers wan Ip as well as its lan IP, the 2.4/5ghz details and the status of the router

Guest Network - This is where you could set up a separate wifi network so you could give out internet access but restrict access to the devices connected to the non guest network. This sort of system is commonly used in school's and business's but its nice to see some enterprise features making their way into the consumer market

AiProtection - I loved this section, not only does it allow you to scan your router for security vulnerabilities and tell you what should be fixed but you can have it set up so that malicious websites are blocked before your pc can get to them and if you somehow do get infected by somthing you are segmented away from other devices so that the virus cannot spread around your home.

Adaptive QoS - QoS or Quality of Service is again another enterprise feature that's making its way into the consumer market, this feature allows you to prioritize network traffic. Say you had a 10mbit/s line and your kids were forever slowing down your vpn to work with their video streaming. You could set it so that your vpn traffic had a guarenteed bandwidth amount so you would never be slowed down by anything else that may be going on.

USB Application - The 2 USB ports on the back of the router allow for a multitude of functionality, Share a usb stick to your lan or over the internet straight from your router, set up media services, plug a printer in and share it across your network, plug in a 3g dongle if your broadband provider is taking a day off, set up backups to a usb device or a download manager

AiCloud - Allow access to files/folders through your router or sync them to certain cloud storage services

Web History - want to know what people have been looking at, you can with this router. Simply enable it under Adaptive QoS > Web History and watch what people are getting to on your network.

Bandwidth monitor - see in real time what you are using in terms of bandwidth and who is using it.

There are quite a lot more pages on the router as well for those of you who are more advanced such as VPN, IPv6, Firewall setup, Port forwarding, wifi/lan/wan settings, and more administration settings.
All in all there is a lot of functionality packed into this little router and I think your going to be hard pressed to find another with similar features for the price of this one.


*All tests were performed with the same 802.11n/ac equipped laptop and the router using default settings in a ground floor flat with a moderate amount of interference from other wifi signals/common sources of interference. 802.11n 2.4 GHz frequency

3 meter distance: 27.7 MBps
6 meter distance (through 1 wall): 23.1 MBps
12 meter distance (through 3 walls and being outside): 16.6 MBps

802.11n 5.0GHz frequency

3 meter distance: 24.2 MBps
6 meter distance (through 1 wall): 20.1 MBps
12 meter distance (through 3 walls and being outside): 12.5 MBps

802.11ac 5.0GHz performance

3 meter distance: 64.2 MBps
6 meter distance (through 1 wall): 35.7 MBps
12 meter distance (through 3 walls and being outside): 20 MBps

As you can see 802.11n (both 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz) are pretty good at holding their speed through distance and obstacles but the clear winner is 802.11ac with more than double the speed with no walls in the way and almost double the speed with walls in the way.
The router is also quite reliable, it has gone a little over 2 weeks without needing a reset whereas a super hub 3 has needed 3 in the same time frame.

Asus Router App

Asus has also provided an app you can use to manage your router, with a clean interface and easy to use gui I found it surprisingly likeable. Being able to manage things from anywhere in the house without needing to faff about with internet browsers and remembering IP's wont sound all that useful to most people but to technically minded people with small children/IT Illiterate partners/friends it quickly becomes a massive timesave when you are at their pc trying to fix somthing and instead of asking them to open a browser and go to an ip, you can pull out your app and fix whatever it happens to be.

Final Thoughts

Super fast wifi & excellent range
Good reliability
Simple and pleasing design
Lots of features
Ability to switch of LED's
USB ports for additional features

Price (although you get what you pay for)

Whilst this router is no longer the pinnacle of performance it is an excellent home router and unless you have a very large home with a small lan party going on I cannot fault it.

After an exhausting weekend in London promoting Pingperfect, we are proud to say we have met some amazing people and are looking forward to forging new partnerships with our new developer friends. The Pingperfect Promo team showing how its done

New Website

Finally after months and months of work and several design changes the new website in all its responsive, shiny glory is finished. Please let us know of any issue you find or anything you think could be changed to make it easier/better

New Minecraft Game Panel

As of today all Minecraft services sold will have McMyAdmin bundled with them. This is to improve our offerings to the minecraft community and provide more features for our customers. If you dont know what McMyAdmin is you can look at the live demo here https://demo.mcmyadmin.com/

PC Gamer Weekender Update

All of our planning for the PC Gamer Weekender is finally at an end, months of paperwork and making sure we have everything we need to put on a good stand for a 2 day event. Dreading when we go to something like E3


We have added more capacity to LA, Seattle, Atlanta, Germany and France