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By default, the console is not active in Garry's Mod. You will need to activate it before you can use Admin Commands. To do this, perform the steps that follow:

  • Right click on Garry's Mod on Steam and select Properties ...
  • Now click on SET LAUNCH PARAMETERS ...
  • Enter -console in the line and confirm with OK

If you start the game now, the console will open automatically. If you close the console and need to open it again, press the Tilde (~) or the Grave Accent (`) key


Command Description
changemap Change the map without restarting the server.
map Restart the server with a certain map, the game mode returns to standard
map2 Restart the server with a certain game mode and a certain map.
sv_defaultgamemode Select the standard game mode.
stopsound Stops all sounds repeating for all clients.
stopsounds Stops all sounds for clients.
net_graph <0 to 5> Show a graph of resources, pings, FPS, etc.
mat_wireframe <0-1> Activate a grid over all accessories / objects.
say Console command to "speak".
bind "" Assign a command to a key.
ent_fire! picker Drives the selected object / accessory. (Options are listed)
ent_create If entered incorrectly, it may generate an error that cannot be cleared. An entity appears wherever you are looking.
ent_remove Deletes the selected object / accessory.
undo Delete the last action done.
rc_shadows <1-0> Turn off shadows-in-real-time.
help Provide some instructions (in English) for the respective command.
+ mat_texture_list Displays a texture browser. (turn it off with -mat_tecture_list!)
mat_reloadallmaterials Reload all textures.
net_maxfilesize Maximum MBs that can be downloaded from the server. (By file)
play Plays a sound.
cl_cmdrate Ping down visually.
rcon Run a command on the server. Usually requires a password.
rcon_password To block, and use an Rcon command.
kill Eliminate the player.
ent_setname Sets names for the selected object.
noclip The player is taken to a no-clip or free camera state without collisions.
sv_cheats <1-0> Activate cheats / cheats, and more commands (can be dangerous) for all players.
host_timescale Slow down or speed up the passage of time, 0.1 is the standard! Slows down or speeds up the time.
clear Completely clean the content of the console.
condump "name" Creates a log file for the console in the Garry's Mod directory. If no name is given, the files are numbered. Creates a log file for the console in the Garrysmod directory.
hud_saytext_time 3600 Each chat line is retained for 3600. However, the number of 5 lines is not exceeded.
hud_deathnotice_time 12 Viewing of murders is held for 12 seconds.
hud_drawhistory_time 10 The collection of weapons and the like is displayed for a longer time.
bind. showconsole Press period. to open the console.
bind v noclip Press V to enter a no-clip or collision-free camera state.
cl_timeout 0 Disable client-side timeout.
mp_decals 16 Allows only 16 decals - performance.
cl_showfps 1 Shows the FPS in the upper left.
cl_showpos 1 Show the position in the upper left.
cl_drawmonitors 0 No RT monitors.
cl_forcepreload 1 Force data preload.
props_break_max_pieces 0 Boxes will not break into pieces, they will just disappear.
cl_defaultweapon weapon_crowbar He always reappears with a crowbar in hand.
r_WaterDrawReflection 0 Turn off reflections.
r_WaterDrawRefraction 0 Turn off refrections.
r_waterforceexpensive 0 Water rendering for few resources.
r_waterforcereflectentities 0 Turn off reflection of objects.

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