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Chat Commands 10.0.0

The below table is only a small sample of the available commands.

For a complete list of all available commands please see this page:

Command Short
Admin /inventory durability   Set the durability of the item you are holding
durability (Single)
User /emote lie /lie Lie
Developer /qa runtest   Run a specific test.
testname (String)
User /emote sit /sit Sit
Developer /avatar dummy   Spawns a dummy avatar
count (Int32)
Developer /preset hidden   Spawns Hidden items
sType (Int32)
Admin /settlement rebuildcivicpowers /rebuildcivicpowers Recalc civic powers for all settlements and users.
Developer /elections uservotes /votes Create a bunch of test votes.
election (Election), votesToAdd (Int32)
User /manage players   Returns a list of online players
Admin /time set   Set time of day to the specified hour
hour (Single)
Admin /build evict /evict Evict the targeted user, or self if none is targeted.
targetUser (User)
User /emote confused /confused Confused
User /emote shrug /shrug Shrug
Admin /culture updatesettlements /updatesets Force an update of all settlement properties.
User /emote lay /lay Lay
User /emote nope /nope Nope
User /settlement renouncecitizenship /renounce Leave citizenship of whatever settlement you are a citizen of.
Developer /test interactitems   Attempts to give the user all items and interact with them
User /residence   Reports residency for a given user, or yourself if none passed
other (User)
Developer /qa notifdelay   Override all aggregated notifications delay. Using without specifiying delay will instead reset the value.
Admin /inventory dumpcarried /dumpcarried Dumps all carried items.
Developer /build signs   Spawn all signs and add a random text to it.
textLengthMin (Int32), textLengthMax (Int32)
Developer /test elevator   Setup an elevator for testing
Admin /skills rate   Displays or sets the current skill rate multiplier.
skillRate (Single)
Developer /skills levelupall   Levels all skills up 1 level at a time (no chunks).
num (Int32)
Admin /util fuel /fuel Fuels currently selected (driving) vehicle.
target (INetObject)
Developer /qa receivechat   Send multiple chat messages over time to test scrolling
msgCounts (Int32)
User /time now   Reports the current time.
Developer /build home   Spawn a few rooms with housing value.
Admin /initialspawn do   Re-run the initial spawn selection for the given user (or current user if null).
Developer /build objects   Spawn all of the objects containing a string in its name. If they have text, add that too, can optionally set the string range.
objectstring (String), textLengthMin (Int32), textLengthMax (Int32)
User /emote achievement4 /cheer Cheer
Developer /sim liedown   The animal that's currently being debugged will change state to lie down (or idle if he doesn't have a lie down state).
seconds (Single)
Admin /inventory carryall /carryall Allows carry items into any user inventory slot and removes weight check. Pass false to reset to normal.
allowCarryAll (Boolean)
Developer /preset tools   Spawns Tools items
sType (Int32)
Developer /qa resetchatsettingsforall   Reset all players chat settings and tab settings
msgCount (Int32), foldOut (Boolean)
Admin /money createdebt   Create debt between two players in a currency that matches the given name.
lender (String), borrower (String), paybackAmount (Single), interest (Single), daysTillDue (Single), currencyName (String)
Developer /preset blocks   Spawns Blocks items
sType (Int32)
Admin /elections vote /vote Vote in the given election for the given candidate. If null is passed for election, take first. Null for candidate, pick a random ordering. Null for voter, use self.
election (Election), voteForCandidate (User), voter (User)
Admin /notifications mail /m Send mail to the given user (or self if blank).
text (String), targetUser (User)
Developer /culture spawnmuseum /museum Spawn a museum of images generating culture
dim (Int32)
Admin /manage kick /kick Kicks user
kickUser (User), reason (String)
Admin /skills addlevelto /addlevel Gives levels to another player. Gives to yourself if target user is empty
targetUser (User), stars (Int32)
Developer /preset storages   Spawns Storage items
sType (Int32)
Admin /land clearrubble   Clears rubble around the player.
radius (Single)
Admin /economy payall /payall Pay all current outstanding rents and wages.
Developer /meteor rain   Makes meteorites rain down the sky, accepting the number to send and how long between them.
count (Int32), timeBetween (Single), radius (Single)
Admin /world fixtrunks /fixtrunks Destroys all trunks outside the world
User /emote yawn /yawn Yawn
Admin /world fixobjects /fixobjects Destroys all physical objects with illegal positions outside the world. (worldobjects, vehicles, trees, rubbles etc)
teleportVehicles (Boolean)
Admin /property owner /owner Change owner of current deed
newOwner (User)
Admin /manage warnuser   Sends a warning to a citizen
warnUser (User), warning (String)
Admin /sim repopulateanimallayer   Reset animal sim population to initial values (as it was on world generation)
Admin /elections fail   Cast a negative vote and end an election. Null election means find first.
election (Election)
Developer /civics testgameactions   Tests all the actions in the game by making laws for them and performing them.
User /sim sealevel /sea Displays the current sea level and how much it has risen.
User /manage listadmins   Displays a list of all administrators.
User /land mark /mark Drops a waypoint at the current position. Accepts an optional text string for the waypoint.
text (String)
Admin /weather status   Prints out the current weather status for the entire planet
Admin /weather rain   Create a light rain storm at your location
User /emote agree /agree Agree
Developer /civics spawnzoningoffice   Spawn a zoning office, passing the number of maps and districts in each. Defaults to a lot (3 maps with 100 districts each).
maps (Int32), districtCount (Int32)
Admin /weather heavyrain   Create a heravy rain storm at your location
Developer /build import   Imports building from string. I.e.: bt:HewnLogCube;room:0:-1:0:3:4:3;bt:Empty;fplane:2:0:0:1:2
importString (String)
Developer /voice login   Connect to the voice server
Developer /culture giverandompicture /pic Give a randomly generated picture item for testing.
Admin /pollute co2   Changes CO2 PPM by X
ppm (Single)
Developer /voice joinserverchannel   Connect to the server's voice chat channel
User /settlement gethomesteadback /gethomesteadback Remove your homestead from the world and get it back to you.
Developer /civics addcandidates   Add a bunch of candidates to specfied election (or first election found if none specified).
election (Election)
Admin /initialspawn update   Force update the spawn position now.
Developer /qa givealltools /gat Give all tools of the particular tier. Without specific tier a chest with all tools will be spawned
tier (Single)
User /manage useractivity   Displays a list of users and when they last logged in.
User /manage authlevel   Displays your authorization level
Admin /titles clear   Clears all occupants from a title.
title (Title)
User /util unstuckvehicle /freecar Attempts to unstuck vehicle in target
target (INetObject)
Developer /qa allblocks   Spawns all blocks. Optional integer parameter for how many rows to make the blocks in, default is 1 row.
rows (Int32)
Developer /build fullstockpile   Generate a full stockpile
Developer /qa chattest   Spam a bunch of stuff to chat
count (Int32), receiverCount (Int32), gibberish (Boolean)
Developer /sim switchanimalspawn   Switch spawn animals by Simulation on and off.
User /util unstuck /unstuck Attempts to unstuck your avatar
Admin /util record /record Toggles record mode
Developer /sim debuganimal /dba Enables debug on the nearest animal, or disables it if already enabled.
follow (Boolean), destroyAllOthers (Boolean)

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