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Compound cheat commands are several commands executed from a single one. For example "/ExecuteAdminCommand SiriousSet" will give a set of armor, water, etc.

Item sets are a list of items specified under “ItemSets” in the json file mentioned below. Item sets can be used with EquipItemSet command, or paired with ExecuteAdminCommand. Their purpose is mainly to make the creation of compound commands quicker, and easier.

Both can be found on the AdminData.json file in \AppData\Local\Mist\Saved. You can add new ones, edit, and remove the basic commands and itemsets directly from the json file.

The way to add a new compound cheat command is quite simple. Copy one of the already existing commands, paste it on a new line under “Commands” section on the json file, and edit the variables as applicable.

For example, if you want a command to do the same thing as “SiriousSet”, but different items, it’s as simple as editing the items listed in it. In the case of SiriousSet, it’s not just using the giveitem cheat, but it’s also using “EquipItemSet 7”, so if you were to use it, it’d be recommended to also edit ItemSet 7(under “ItemSets”), or to create a new one with the desired items. All the items in the game can be found under “List of all sorts of equipment”, a few sections above this one.

Keep in mind that each new line is separated from the next one with a comma, while the last one should not have a comma at the end. Example of compound commands below:

"Scenario": ["EquipItemSet 3","GiveExp 35149","GiveItem NormalWater 20 0","FreeBuilding","spawnWalker WormWalker true"],

 "Starter": ["EquipItemSet 6","giveitem clothbandage 30 0","giveexp 100000 0","giveitem normalwater 100 0"],

 "SiriousSet": ["giveitem clothbandage 30 0","EquipItemSet 7","giveitem normalwater 100 0"]

From “Scenario” example - the command is equipping the player with ItemSet 3, giving EXP, giving normalwater item, spawning a Walker, etc. All from a single command which can be edited to do different things.

It’s recommended to exit the game before adding new commands and/or itemsets to the json file. You will need to restart the game in order to be able to use them.

If you want other admins to be able to use the commands, make sure to send them your json file so they have access to the same ones.

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