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Here is a table showing the RAM required for various world sizes.

This should help you determine if you need to purchase any additional memory.

You get 6.5GB Base Memory with a Rust server.

World Size Minimum RAM Usage
1000 3.5GB
2000 4.4GB
3000 5.4GB
4000 6.0GB
5000 7.0GB
6000 8.5GB

IMPORTANT: Please remember that as the world/save progresses, more game objects will be created as a result, and the RAM usage will increase due to this.

If you run a Rust server with plugins, you may be required to purchase additional memory, as every plugin has a performance impact. The CPU and memory footprint of a plugin depends largely on what the plugin does and how it's done. Plugin RAM usage is dependent on the amount of plugins being used, as well as each specific plugin being used.

It is roughly 100MB (0.1GB) per player.

The livemap adds 0.3GB of RAM usage.

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