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Server ranking is influenced by four factors, how popular the map your server is using is, how many players your server gets, the connection strength and if it features a game server login token.
However, if your server does not have a game server login token setup for it, it will be low ranked no matter how popular the map is, how many players your server gets or how good the connection is.

Game Server Login Token Setup

  1. You MUST have a phone number set in your steam account's settings, this is the only requirement for this to work
  2. Go to this link if you are not logged in, press login at the top.

  3. Now you must enter the details for your game server App ID is just the ID of the game (4000 for Garry's Mod) Memo can be whatever you want, we suggest putting something along the lines of Pingperfect server - IP:Port to keep track

  4. Once done you should get a "Game Server Login Token" code

  5. Copy the code, click "Commandline Manager" in your game panel, then create a custom commandline, make sure to tick the tick box next to +sv_setsteamaccount and in it's text field copy in the "Game Server Login Token" code - press save and select.

  6. The next time your server is started up it should have a higher ranking.


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