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All of these commands can be used by pressing F1 in-game, some can be used with RCON.

In order to use the following commands, you must have admin/moderator privileges, you can view our guide on how to add admins/moderators HERE.

Most useful commands are in the tables that follow - for a full list of admin commands, please go to the very bottom of this page!

Utility Commands

The following commands are useful for administrating your server.





ban "steamid64" "reason"

Bans and kicks the targeted player from the server and sends a ban announcement to the server.


banid "steamid64" "reason"

Adds the targeted ID to the server ban list. Does not kick targeted player if they are connected to the server. (Generally used for offline banning)


unban "steamid64"

Unbans the targeted ID from the server.


kick "steamid64" "reason"

Kicks the targeted player from the server and sends a kick announcement to the server.


teleport "steamid64"

Teleports you to the targeted player. Leaving 'steamid' blank will teleport you to a random player.



Puts you into spectate mode, which spectates random players. Controls:

Spacebar - Cycles through random players

Left Alt - Goes back one player.

F3 - Changes the camera angles.

spectate target

spectate "steamid64"

Spectates the targeted player.



Puts you into noclip mode allowing you to fly and ignore collisions. Useful to bind to a key, example: bind v noclip



Your player will not take any damage.


say "message to server"

Broadcasts a message as SERVER through chat.


ent who

Returns the SteamID of the player who placed the entity you are currently looking at.


ent kill

Destroys the entity you are looking at.

Give Item Commands

The following commands are useful for giving yourself and other players items more efficiently. Item short names can be found here:





inventory.give "" "quantity"

Adds specified item and quantity to your own inventory.


inventory.giveall "" "quantity"

Adds specified item and quantity to all player's inventories.


inventory.giveto "player name" "" "quantity"

Adds specified item and quantity to the specified player's inventory, using their name.


inventory.giveid "steamid64" "" "quantity"

Adds specified item and quantity to the specified player's inventory, using their SteamID.


inventory.givearm "player name" "" "quantity"

Adds specified item and quantity to the specified player's inventory belt.

World Manipulation Commands

These commands commands are useful for manipulating the world and environment.





env.time "0-24"

Sets the time on the server. (Times: 12 = noon | 24 = midnight)


weather.load "weather type"

Sets the weather type on the server. (Weather types: Clear | Dust | Fog | Overcast | RainHeavy | RainMild | Storm)

sv oceanlevel

sv oceanlevel "0-1000"

Sets the level of the ocean on the server.



Resets the weather system back to the default dynamic weather system.


ai.move "true/false"

Toggles animals and scientists' ability to move.


ai.think "true/false"

Toggles animals and scientists' ability to think.

Miscellaneous Commands






Returns the server status in the console, including the server address and other information as well as information of connected players.


global.god "true/false"

Toggles god mode for the server.



Toggles free cam for yourself.

Starts a patrol helicopter event on the server.



Starts a patrol helicopter event on the server but the helicopter will fly to you before starting its default patrols.


teleportany "entity"

Teleports you to a specified entity. (Horse, Bear, Stone)



Forces your character to sleep.



Forces your character to wakeup.

Additional Information

In order to get a user's SteamID, you can either use the status command or find the user's Steam profile and copy their profile ink to and copy their SteamID64 which looks like 76561197854018763.

boombox.clearradiobyuser( )
cassette.clearcassettes( )
cassette.clearcassettesbyuser( )
commands.echo( )
commands.find( )
global.adminui_requestplayerlist( )
global.adminui_requestserverconvars( )
global.adminui_requestserverinfo( )
global.ban( ) ban [optional duration]
global.banid( ) banid [optional duration]
global.banlist( ) List of banned users (sourceds compat)
global.banlistex( ) List of banned users - shows reasons and usernames
global.bans( ) List of banned users
global.buildinfo( ) Get information about this build
global.carstats( ) Get information about all the cars in the world
global.clientperf( )
global.entid( )
global.injureplayer( )
global.kick( )
global.kickall( )
global.killplayer( )
global.listid( ) List of banned users, by ID (sourceds compat)
global.moderatorid( )
global.mute( )
global.mutelist( ) Print a list of currently muted players
global.ownerid( )
global.playerlist( ) Get a list of players
global.players( ) Print out currently connected clients etc
global.recoverplayer( )
global.removemoderator( )
global.removeowner( )
global.say( ) Sends a message in chat
global.serverinfo( ) Get a list of information about the server
global.skipqueue( )
global.sleepingusers( ) Show user info for players on server.
global.sleepingusersinrange( ) Show user info for sleeping players on server in range of the player.
global.stats( ) Print out stats of currently connected clients
global.status( ) Print out currently connected clients
global.teaminfo( )
global.unban( )
global.unmute( )
global.users( ) Show user info for players on server.
global.usersinrange( ) Show user info for players on server in range of the player.
ai.brainstats( )
ai.killscientists( )
ai.selectnpclookatserver( )
ai.sleepwakestats( )
ai.wakesleepingai( )
app.connections( ) )
app.pair( )
app.resetlimiter( )
bradley.quickrespawn( )
chat.cardgamesay( )
chat.say( ) )
chat.tail( )
chat.teamsay( ) )
console.tail( )
craft.add( )
craft.cancel( )
craft.canceltask( )
craft.fasttracktask( )
data.export( )
debug.breakheld( ) Break the current held object
debug.breakitem( ) Break all the items in your inventory whose name match the passed string
debug.drink( ) )
debug.flushgroup( ) Takes you in and out of your current network group, causing you to delete and then download all entities in your PVS again
debug.heal( )
debug.hurt( )
debug.puzzlereset( ) reset all puzzles
debug.refillvitals( )
debug.renderinfo( )
debug.resetsleepingbagtimers( )
debug.stall( )
demo.record( )
demo.stop( )
entity.debug_toggle( )
entity.deleteby( ) Destroy all entities created by provided users (separate users by space)
entity.deletebytextblock( ) Destroy all entities created by users in the provided text block (can use with copied results from ent auth)
entity.find_entity( )
entity.find_group( )
entity.find_id( )
entity.find_parent( )
entity.find_radius( )
entity.find_self( )
entity.find_status( )
entity.nudge( )
entity.spawnlootfrom( )
entity.spawn( )
entity.spawnitem( )
env.addtime( )
gamemode.set( )
gamemode.setteam( )
gc.alloc( )
gc.collect( )
gc.unload( )
global.breakclothing( )
global.breakitem( )
global.colliders( )
global.error( ) )
global.injure( )
global.kill( )
global.objects( )
global.queue( )
global.quit( )
global.recover( ) )
global.respawn( )
global.respawn_sleepingbag( )
global.respawn_sleepingbag_remove( )
global.restart( )
global.setinfo( )
global.sleep( )
global.spectate( )
global.status_sv( )
global.subscriptions( )
global.sysinfo( )
global.sysuid( )
global.teleport( )
global.teleport2autheditem( )
global.teleport2death( )
global.teleport2marker( )
global.teleport2me( )
global.teleport2owneditem( )
global.teleportany( )
global.teleportlos( )
global.teleportpos( )
global.textures( )
global.version( ) )
hierarchy.del( ) )
inventory.copyto( ) Copies the players inventory to the player in front of them
inventory.defs( )
inventory.deployloadout( ) Deploys the given loadout to a target player. eg. inventory.deployLoadout testloadout jim
inventory.deployloadoutinrange( ) Deploys a loadout to players in a radius eg. inventory.deployLoadoutInRange testloadout 30
inventory.endloot( )
inventory.equipslot( )
inventory.equipslottarget( )
inventory.give( )
inventory.giveall( )
inventory.givearm( )
inventory.giveid( )
inventory.giveto( )
inventory.lighttoggle( )
inventory.listloadouts( ) Prints all saved inventory loadouts
inventory.reloaddefs( )
inventory.resetbp( )
inventory.saveloadout( ) Saves the current equipped loadout of the calling player. eg. inventory.saveLoadout loaduoutname
inventory.unlockall( )
manifest.printmanifest( )
manifest.printmanifestraw( )
memsnap.full( )
memsnap.managed( )
memsnap.native( ) )
heli.calltome( )
heli.drop( )
heli.strafe( )
heli.testpuzzle( )
player.abandonmission( )
player.cinematic_gesture( )
player.cinematic_play( )
player.cinematic_stop( )
player.copyrotation( )
player.createskull( )
player.dismount( )
player.fillwater( )
player.gesture_radius( )
player.gotosleep( )
player.markhostile( )
player.mount( )
player.printpresence( )
player.printstats( )
player.resetstate( ) Resets the PlayerState of the given player
player.stopgesture_radius( )
player.swapseat( )
player.wakeup( )
player.wakeupall( )
pool.clear_assets( )
pool.clear_memory( )
pool.clear_prefabs( )
pool.export_prefabs( )
pool.print_assets( )
pool.print_memory( )
pool.print_prefabs( )
profile.start( )
profile.stop( )
server.backup( ) Backup server folder
server.cheatreport( )
server.combatlog( ) Get the player combat log
server.combatlog_outgoing( ) Get the player combat log, only showing outgoing damage
server.fps( )
server.packetlog( )
server.playerlistpos( ) Prints the position of all players on the server
server.printeyes( ) Print the current player eyes.
server.printpos( ) Print the current player position.
server.printrot( ) Print the current player rotation.
server.readcfg( )
server.rpclog( ) ) Force save the current game
server.sendnetworkupdate( ) Send network update for all players
server.setshowholstereditems( ) Show holstered items on player bodies
server.snapshot( ) This sends a snapshot of all the entities in the client's pvs. This is mostly redundant, but we request this when the client starts recording a demo.. so they get all the information.
server.start( ) Starts a server
server.stop( ) Stops a server
server.writecfg( ) Writes config files
spawn.cargoshipevent( )
spawn.fill_groups( )
spawn.fill_individuals( )
spawn.fill_populations( ) )
spawn.scalars( )
stability.refresh_stability( ) )
supply.drop( )
vehicle.fixcars( )
vehicle.swapseats( )
weather.load( ) )
weather.reset( )
workshop.print_approved_skins( )
world.renderlabs( ) Renders a PNG of the current map's underwater labs, for a specific floor
world.rendermap( ) Renders a high resolution PNG of the current map
world.rendertunnels( ) Renders a PNG of the current map's tunnel network
xmas.refill( )
cui.endtest( )
cui.test( )
global.dump( )
global.steamrelayinit( )
global.steamstatus( )
growableentity.growall( )
meta.add( ) add - adds amount to convar
note.update( )
relationshipmanager.acceptinvite( )
relationshipmanager.addtoteam( )
relationshipmanager.fakeinvite( )
relationshipmanager.kickmember( )
relationshipmanager.leaveteam( )
relationshipmanager.promote( )
relationshipmanager.rejectinvite( )
relationshipmanager.sendinvite( )
relationshipmanager.sleeptoggle( )
relationshipmanager.trycreateteam( )
relationshipmanager.wipe_all_contacts( )
relationshipmanager.wipecontacts( )
ridablehorse.sethorsebreed( )
santasleigh.drop( )
telephonemanager.printallphones( )

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