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Since the February 4th 2021 update all servers will be able to set various game modes.

DO NOT switch between vanilla/soft core mid-wipe. This will reset all players and their inventory.

To change the game mode on your server perform the following actions:

  1. Stop server.
  2. Select "Commandline Manager"
  3. Select "Config File" command line - if this is the first time you have used this command line, you MUST make sure your Identity is Pingperfect (or the server won't read the config file), and that your Seed, Server Map, World size and RCon Password are all set to the SAME values as the current command line you're using.
  4. Press "Apply"
  5. Click "Configuration Files"
  6. Click "Configuration Editor" next to server.cfg
  7. Change the "Server Gamemode" variable to either vanilla or soft core (the difference is explained below)
  8. Save the file in the top left.
  9. Startup your server.

Soft core is a "lightweight" version of vanilla Rust gameplay:

  • Max team size is 4 players
  • Auth limited to team size (4)
  • Players can respawn at Compound/Bandit Camp. (not available if they are marked as hostile)
  • Not all loot is lost on death: 50% of inventory and 50% of hot bar items can be reclaimed at the safe zone. Armour isn't saved. Players have only 2 hours to retrieve it, after that it'll disappear.

This is an experimental game mode and will change in the future.

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