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If you are having a problem receiving emails from us, follow the below guides for your email provider

For Gmail
1. Click the Create a filter link (next to the Search the Web button at the top of any Gmail page).
2. Type "" into the From field.
3. Click Next Step.
4. Check the box next to "Never send it to Spam". If you'd like to apply this filter to messages already in Gmail, select the box next to "Also apply filter to X conversations below".
5. Click Create Filter.

For Hotmail/
1. Click the cog icon then click Options
2. click "Safe and blocked senders"
3. Click Safe senders
4. Type "" and click Add to list.

For Outlook 2003
1. Open the email
2. Select Actions on the toolbar
3. Select Junk Email from the drop-down menu
4. Select Add sender to Safe Senders List
5. Verify that our contact information is correct and click Ok

For Outlook 2007
1. Open the email
2. Click Options on the Tools menu
3. On the Preferences tab, under Email, click Junk E-mail
4. Select Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click add
5. Enter the email address of the contact and click Ok

For Outlook 2010/2013
1. Open the email
2. Open the junk drop down menu
3. Click Never block senders domain

For Yahoo!Mail
1. Click the Options link at the top of the page.
2. Click Mail Options
3. Click Filters on the left and then click the Add + button.
4. Type "Pingperfect" as the Filter name
5. Next to sender, select "Contains" and enter "" in the second box.
6. In the section under "Then deliver mail to the following folder", select Inbox
7. Your new filter will save when you navigate away from the page.

For Comcase Mail
1. Click Preferences from the menu.
2. Click Restrict Incoming Email.
3. Click Yes to Enable Email Controls.
4. Click Allow email from addresses listed below.
5. Enter
6. Enter
7. Enter
8. Click Add.
9. Click Update to finish.

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